Second Husband Episode 9 Release Date, Plot, And Spoilers

Second Husband Episode 9 Release Date, Plot, And Spoilers

Second Husband Episode 9 is going to release later this week. The nationwide viewership rating of the show is itself enough to tell you how much this is being loved by the fans. The last few episodes are enjoyed by the fans and now they are excited to know what will happen next. Despite getting a low viewership rating for the first 3 episodes this show is now becoming popular. The second Husband is an ongoing KDrama directed by Kim Chil Bong.  The show stars Cha Seo-won, Uhm Hyun-Kyung, and

Seung-ah in lead roles. This show is about a woman of strong will who lost her family due to a tragedy and is all set for getting recent. If you haven’t seen this show then we would suggest you watch it. In this article, we provide you with every detail about the show. For those who haven’t watched the show yet Spoilers Ahead!

Second Husband Plot

Before moving further with the Second Husband Episode 9 release date, let’s get you to know about the plot of the series.

The second Husband is about Bong Seong Hwa and the people revolving around her. Bong Seong Hwa and Moon Sang-Yeok are childhood lovers and they have a child too. But Bong Seong Hwa’s life take a turn for worse when she found out about Sang-Yeok’s affair. Sang York has had an affair with Yoon Jae-Kyeong for the last few years. He abandons his wife and son for success and Jae-Kyeong. Seong Hwa leaves with her child but this is not where her suffering ends. Her child dies and she is wrongly framed for murder. She meets Jae-Min, Jae-Kyeong’s stepbrother. Jae-Min falls in love with Seong Hwa.

Second Husband Episode 9 Release Date, Plot, And Spoilers

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Second Husband Episode 9 Release Date

Second Husband airs on weekdays. So, Second Husband Episode 9 will air on will be 18th August 2021 at 3:45 PM. South Korean viewers can watch the episode 9 on the MBC network. International Viewers can watch the show on Viki. We request our readers to watch the show from trusted sources available in their countries to support the makers of the anime.


The teaser trailer is out for Second Husband Episode 9. According to the teaser Sang Yeok and Jae-Kyeon had a fight. Later Jae-Kyeong threatens Seon Hwa that if she comes between them he will kill her. Seon Hwa came to know that Jae Kyeong is pregnant with Sang Yeok’s Child.

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