Painter of The Night Chapter 77 : Release Date &Third Season All Details

Everybody wants to know about Painter of The Night Chapter 77 release date. The second season ended with chapter 76. Now the beginning of the New season will be from chapter 77. Manga lovers are very much excited about the new chapter release. Let’s get to know every detail of Painter of The Night next chapter. From the release date to what will be happening next. Get everything done here.

Painter of The Night is another mind-blowing manga of all time. It has really done a great job content-wise. It’s actually the first of its own kind. It’s deep poetry and a novel kind of manga. It has deep meaningful lessons of life. How social prejudice can alter one’s life, everything. So let’s begin now!

Brief About Painter of The Night:

Before knowing about Painter of The Night Chapter 77, let’s know some brief about it.

The story of Painter of the Night is such a deep work of art, that it touches the heart. The main part of the manga is, Na-Kyum. Na -Kyum is an artist and not just a simple one. But a painter who paints erotic images of men through his visualization. He gives life to the colors and is a fantastic painter.

“The Painter of The Night” – This in itself has a great meaning. The Painter – here signifies an artist (Na-Kyum). The Night – basically signifies the dark prejudice and stereotypes of society. The way the whole journey is narrated is really involving and captivating.

Moving forward towards the story of the manga. Na -Kyum is basically afraid to come out with his art. He tries the way out by having a pseudo name. He releases his paintings under a false name. Also, he gets a lot of love for that. But there are some heartbreaking twists in his journey too. He also gets on the verge of quitting his painting.

The Painter of The Night is a full combination. It has romance, drama, tragedy, and more than that a great storyline. The level of work done is really appreciable. It’s no less than a historical tale saga with deep realities of the world. It will ask many questions too! So do give me a watch!

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

Painter of The Night Chapter 77 :

Well after the ending of chapter 76, excitement is high for the next chapter. There have been no spoilers yet for the next chapter. Although the release of chapter 77 is expected by August first week. The next chapter will be an opening for the third season of manga. Thus it’s very natural to have high hopes of it.

Previously on Chapter 76:

Well, the last chapter was the end of the second season. In the end scene, we witnessed Na-Kyum in the laps of Yoon Seungho. Seungho came I’m searching for Na-Kyum and finally found him. The last scene ended with them listening to music. Looking into the starts the last chapter ended.

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Now in Painter of the Night Chapter 77, there is total uncertainty. No one knows where the storyline will head to. However, it’s expected that this music is gonna have a role in it. This music was never heard by villagers and was able to get everyone’s attention. The journey may have some drastic turns too. We may see Na-Kyum having his painting quit. The hype for the next episode is really high.

Cast Details-

There’s no expected change in the manga. It’s expected to be a continuation of the journey. However, some twists may be waiting for you. Here’s the cast list.

Yoon Seungh, Baek Na-Kyum will still continue to be the top main protagonists.Lee Jihwa ,Jung In-Hun ,Seung,Deok-Jae and Mumyeong will continue to have their past roles.

Painter of the night chapter 77

Painter of the Night chapter 77: Where to Read?

The new chapter of Painter of the Night is gonna be released soon. There has been no official announcement of the release date yet. However, season 3 is going to be released near the first week of August.

The new chapter will be released on Lezhin Comics. Readers will be able to get it from them as soon as it is released.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

Expected Spoilers? 

There’s a slight chance of one highly expected spoiler. This is in reference to Deok-Jae. Remember Deok – Jae who is a servant in the manga. He is really jealous of Na-Kyum. He probably is in a view that Na-Kyum doesn’t deserve any of this. So maybe we can see him joining hands against Na-Kyum in the next chapter. That’s why Painter of The Night Chapter 77 is so much anticipated. The biggest reason for that is the level of uncertainty of the manga. Since the bars are really high, let’s expect a good episode.

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