Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Seirei Gensouki was a manga series that was later serialized into an anime of the same name. Amakawa Haruto is a guy who dies before he can meet his childhood best friend. His best friend had disappeared five years ago. Another boy seeks revenge for the murder of his mother. His name is Rio. For some random reason, Haruto who was supposed to be dead is resurrected in Rio’s body and Rio is aware of another person in his body. And both start living their life in a single body. By using Haruto’s memory Rio awakens a special power within him and figures out that, if he uses the special power well, he can lead a better life. To know the recap, release date, and spoilers of the series Seirei Gensouki Episode 8, keep reading.

Recap of Seirei Gensouki Episode 7

Before reading the spoiler of Seirei Gensouki Episode 8, let’s recap what happened in the previous episode. Rio comes to a new village and remarks that everyone presant here has black hair. One of the girls who see Rio asks him what he is doing here. He replies that he is new to the village and he is looking for the village head. The girl standing says that her grandmother is the village head and she can take him there.

Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

To which Rio agrees and goes with the girl. He meets the village head and politely introduces himself as Rio and says that he is from a different country and he has traveled many lands to get here. The village head introduces herself as Yuba and asks him what business is he having.

Rio who came to know about their mother and father who were from the Yagumo region says that he came to know more about his father and mother. Yuba says that she knew his mother and father and both of them had to leave the country in secret for some reason. She takes him to their grave and he pays respect for them. Let’s move further towards Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 release date.

Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Spoilers of Seirei Gensouki Episode 8

There are no official spoilers as to what will happen in Seirei Gensouki Episode 8. But we can speculate that there will be more fighting between Gon and Rio. It will also be the case that Sayo starts liking Rio and Rio might show his affectionate side to Sayo. Rio will stay in the country for foreseeable future and will learn more about his father and mother.

Release Date Of Seirei Gensouki Episode 8

The release date of Seirei Gensouki upcoming Episode 8 will be on 24th August 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for what will happen in episode 8. What secrets will Rio discover about his mother and father. for these answers to unfold one has to wait for the 8th episode. Fans can watch the 8th episode on Crunchyroll.


The official trailer of Seirei Gensouki Episode 8 is not released yet. There are many fan trailers that are not accurate. Stay connected to et to know the trailer of the 8th episode once it’s released.

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