FDA Grants Pfizer To Be Approved Covid-19 Vaccine

FDA Grants Pfizer To Be Approved Covid-19 Vaccine

On 23rd Aug 2021, FDA grants approval to Pfizer BioNTech company Covid-vaccine. This decision has made a huge change. Further, it will be mandatory by hospitals, colleges, and Co-operation and other operations to fulfill the vaccine requirement. In fact, American Airlines Announce it to be mandatory for employees to present the proof of vaccination within Five weeks.

Moreover, the vaccine is compulsory for people of 16 age and older. However, It will be available to children under 12-15 under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA). This announcement marks a milestone in the fight against the Covid. Keep reading for more updates.

Who Is FDA?

Before hyping around that FDA Grants Approval to Pfizer. Let’s get to FDA firstly.

FDA stands For The U.S Food and Drug Administration

FDA’s Main Job and the sole purpose for its establishment is securing public health. Public Health has taken over the top priority for any Nation and during any devasted time the public health is the most affected. Public health is determined by two things Public health infrastructure and what the citizens of a nation are consuming on a Daily Basis and the quality of those things/products.

FDA Grants Pfizer To Be Approved Covid-19 Vaccine

Therefore here the role of the FDA comes, it ensures the proper grading and hallmark to products. those Products can range from Daily Eatables to Tobacco or anything which is consumed by the citizens.

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Pfizer- What Is FDA Grants Approval To Pfizer?

So Pfizer is a  covid 19 vaccines like sputnik and Covaxin.

With a 94% success rate against Covid-19. Pfizer is now on the list of trials for the age of 16 years old. But as when FDA Grants Approval to Pfizer it has been on top for the testing of 12-15 age group children.

On 23 August 2021 FDA issued out this Decision, This has resulted gave a boost to all the vaccination drives as it intrusts the common people. Who has a bit of fear in their Mind regarding the vaccine and its effects?

We will be Back with more Burning topics that are directly or indirectly related to Common Public in Some or the Another way.

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