The Boys Season 3 Release Date and Latest Developments

The Boys Season 3

The Boys FX Supervisor has just revealed that Season 3 will feature even more incredible visual effects.

Popular success since its inception, The Boys is finally preparing to unveil its third season. Already awarded the Emmy Awards for its visual effects, the series seems to want to go even further. If we are to believe the confidences of Stephan Fleet, the FX supervisor, this new burst of episodes should therefore enjoy an even more impressive visual work. With the arrival of new characters, and, even more, exacerbated violence and beautiful surprises, The Boys season 3 is already shaping up to be THE program not to be missed in the coming months.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Fleet announces a work never seen before, while remaining in line with the universe already developed by the series. So what should you really expect?

The Boys season 3 will go even further visually

In previous seasons, the FX team spared no expense to afford incredible scenery and imagery. Everyone still remembers this gigantic whale carcass, which appeared in season 2. But for the return of the program, Fleet has obviously gone all out. “We are going even further. We are able to take things to the next level, in terms of reality and absurdity. It works, and it really feels like these things are part of our world. This is our great success ” thus testifies Fleet.

Season 3 will notably address the Second World War, with the arrival of Soldier Boy. We must therefore expect a series of flashbacks inconsistent visual universes. Anyway, quality and profusion will still be the watchwords for these new adventures. Eric Kripke was clear on this point: no compromise was made, despite the collateral damage caused by the global pandemic. The Boys will therefore be an even more subversive program, pushing the boundaries of political correctness. On the program: licked special effects, extreme sex, epic fights, and uncensored dialogue.

The appointment is given in a few months on Amazon Prime to (finally) discover the final result. This return with fanfare definitely promises to be talked about!

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