What if…? season 2 Confirmed, Script Almost Complete

What if…? season 2 Confirmed, Script Almost Complete

“The work on season 2 has been different because of the Covid. I think our lives are even very different now. But we had an amazing team. The writing is almost finished. These new episodes are difficult to animate. This is why we must complete the writing as soon as possible! Even though it has often been difficult, I really can’t complain! ” As evidenced by Bradley.

The release of the first episodes of What if…? comes to give a new boost to phase 4 of the MCU. The rest of the program is already enchanting fans around the world with the arrival of Doctor Strange, the highly anticipated return of Spider-Man, and the release of Eternals. And it now seems certain that the events staged by What if…? will have a direct impact in the near future of the MCU. Some protagonists could even occupy an important place in the coming years. But all this remains to be confirmed.

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For now, it is impossible to learn more about this second season. Viewers can already experience the first episodes, hailed by professional critics and global influencers. On the program: exciting stories in an alternate timeline, all against a backdrop of ultra-polished design.


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