Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 Release Date

Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 Release Date

With the release of the first Netflix live-action series, The Witcher franchise has received new lifeblood over the months. Not only was the show with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia a success, putting in the safe a second (and apparently, a third) season that promises to be even richer and more exciting, but it also allowed a whole series of transversal projects aimed at expanding the fantasy universe born from the imagination of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Let’s talk about Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 release Date and more.

 Infact, they range from The Witcher Blood Origin , a prequel series with actors in flesh and blood set several years before the events of the witcher, also passing through the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt , the masterpiece by CD Projekt RED ready to strike the new generation consoles with a version as beautiful to look at as it is full of unpublished content (generally expected towards the end of 2021).

Not happy, Netflix has decided to bring to the streaming catalog The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf, the animated film focused on the adventures of Vesemir, mentor of Geralt, who has always been a character too kept on the sidelines who now more than ever deserves to end up under the spotlight thanks to a project that enhances its character and personality.

Will an animated feature film be enough to bring out the oldest and most experienced of Kaer Morhen ‘s witchers in the public eye?Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 Release Date

What story Will Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Season 2 have?

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf detaches itself quite clearly from the live-action series, although it is closely linked to the Netflix fantasy: the idea is to tell us the blood and adrenaline-soaked background behind the formation of the figure of the witcher, with an anime-style feature film that does not forget the first season of the TV series with Cavill but is also appreciated by those who have never followed Geralt’s exploits.

A “business card” set up as a real prequel – even if it would be better to talk about a spin-off – that does everything to please the enthusiast of Sapkowski’s works. If the second season of the show with real actors will deepen above all the story of The Blood of the Elves,  the first novel of the saga (and third volume) designed to tell the story of Geralt and Ciri and their journey to Kaer Morhen, in Nightmare of the Wolf instead let’s take a nice step back in time.

As mentioned above, the film tells the story of the young witcher known as Vesemir, a fearless hero with immoral traits who decides to take a path that will lead him to have to sacrifice everything he holds most dear in the world. In fact, a man spends his entire days drinking and sleeping, trying to make ends meet by killing creatures and monsters of various kinds in exchange for money.

However, the magical arts are a quality not too well seen by the local population, so much so that witchers are often accused of witchcraft and rejected by ordinary people, which can create a real rift in the social fabric that will lead Vesemir to have to do. a greater choice than him.

As per the tradition of Sapkowski’s works, the universe of Nightmare of the Wolf blends good and evil creating interesting alchemy and putting on the plate a narrative that outlines the brutality and injustices of a world – that of The Witcher – in which for to survive is often necessary to put aside the glory and embrace a life of sacrifice and deprivation.

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