Mazica Party Episode 22 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers

Mazica Party Episode 22 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers

Mazica party episode 22 will release soon. If you are excited about the show then just read the article to get updates about the episode.

Mazica Party revolves around the character named Kezuru who loves card games and receives Mazica gear from the CEO of Mazica Corp. He encounters Ballonaya and tries to run but soon turns into a wizard. Later he gets a proposal to join the Mazica academy.  But to do that he has to pass a test.

He successfully passes the test and gets into the academy. And he gets involved in the Mazica party and starts battle gains other Mazin. He also plans to participate in the Mazica academy ranking match so that he can gain the ranking of a wizard. The show follows their journey to get into the ranking for the wizards.

Mazica Party Episode 22 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers


In the previous episode of the show, we saw the continuation of the competition to select the strongest wizard of the academy. We can see more of it in the next episode of the show. Ballonaya asked Kezuru to be his master in the previous episodes so he is following all the instructions given by Kezuru.

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Mazica Party Episode 22 Spoiler

In Mazica party episode 22 we can see a lot of things. Some action can be also seen in the next episode. We all are excited for the release of the show and as there are not many updates about the show we cannot say anything for sure. The teaser of the episode is released but there is no update with the English subtitle Verizon. Stay with us for more updates and we will try to give you every possible update about the show.

Release date

There is no information about the delay of the show. We Mazica party episode 22 by August 28, 2021. The show will be out by Saturday. We can feel the excitement as you wait for the next episode. Viewers outside Japan may get access to the episode by August 29, 2021. Till then you can watch the previous episode of the series.

Where To Watch Mazica Party Episode 22

You can watch the episodes of the series on different platforms. The series is available to watch on Animeplanet and AniDB.  Along with the latest episode, the websites have all the previous episodes of the show. We request the viewers to watch the series from trusted sources that are available in their countries to support the makers of the show.


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