Who is Matthew Perry Dating, Future plans and More

Who is Matthew Perry Dating, Future plans and More

We all love the sitcom FRIENDS and some of us can not get enough of it. Matthew Perry is probably one of the reasons the show got so much popularity. But no matter how comic he was in the show in real life he was struggling and did not know how to cope. In an interview, he said that he does not even remember most of the season of the show. And his dating life also did not go really well. But as of now, it seems like he is back in the game. He is now dating and in the show In this article,  we will tell you everything about Matthew Perry dating life and other things. So, if you are a fan of the evergreen show and want to know about the real-life partner of Matthew Perry the article is for you.

Who is Matthew Perry Dating

Three years ago he announced that he is dating Molly Hurwitz and planning to get married to her. He even got engaged to her and it seemed like life was going all fine for him. With all of his addiction and life problems, it seemed like he is now back on track. But later in June 2021, he announced that they are splitting and it is a mutual decision. We should tell you that they had a huge 21 years age gap between them. And most people predicted that things would not work between them. Some people were guessing that they split because Matthew was messaging young girls on some app. And as of now Matthew perry is officially single and is not dating anyone. After discussing who is Matthew Perry dating let’s talk about his future plans and other things you need to know about the actor.

Who is Matthew Perry Dating, Future plans and More

Future plans of the actor

Since the end of friends, we have not seen Matthew perry in many projects but now it looks like he is back in the game. Since the reunion of Friends, he has been very busy with his friends’ merchandise and promoting it on multiple platforms. He is also busy working on a film and he announced it on the microblogging platform Twitter. He said that he is working on a movie with Meryl Streep. Tell us what do you think about Matthew Perry dating life and who should he date.

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