Bomb Attack Outside Kabul Airport; US Troops And Afghans Got Killed

Bomb Attack Outside Kabul Airport; US Troops And Afghans Got Killed

In Kabul, Afghanistan two explosions killed a lot of Afghan people and US troops. People worldwide are shocked by the incident. The western Government had warned as to what will happen and had urged their people to stay away from the airport. Moreover, The international airport from which a lot of Afghans and foreign nationals are fleeing to their country was targetted by suicide bombers.

Further, The American forces were killed in the gruesome attack. Afghan doctors and health officials have said that at least 30 to 60 have been dead and 120 to 140 have been wounded. Taliban spokesperson has said that 13 people are dead and 60 are wounded. US Troops and Afghans are killed in this attack.

Who’s Behind The Attack?

This news came as a shock to everyone and most people suspect that the Taliban are behind this attack. Although no one is sure. Moreover,  This is one of the biggest terrorist attacks in recent times. The American forces are angry over the attack. Although most suspected that Taliban rule would be peaceful, it’s turning out that that’s not possible. Likewise, The bombing has shown that there will be even more attacks. The Taliban rule is challenged by even more militant groups than the Taliban such as Islamic State Khorasan and also the terrorist branch known as ISIS. US troops and Afghans are brutally killed in the bomb attack.

US Troops And Afghans Killed In Suicide Attacks Outside Kabul Airport

The suicide bomb has terrified Americans and has made them angry. Many US Troops and Afghans are killed. We can expect them to retaliate with another attack on Taliban rule. Furthermore, The Afghan families who lost their beloved ones are heartbroken. No one knows who caused the suicide bombings. It could be anyone. Although most people think that the Taliban was behind the attack as they did not want civilians to leave Afghanistan. It also could be ISIS who wants to replace the Taliban and bring their rule over Afghanistan.

US commander has said that there’s going to be even more threats and this was just the beginning. There will be rocket launches and vehicle bombings. People around the world are furious about what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Bomb Attack Outside Kabul Airport; US Troops And Afghans Got Killed

Joe Biden On The Killing Of American Troops And Afghans

Joe Biden, the US president is furious about what happened in Afghanistan. He said that Americans are outraged and heartbroken as what happened in Afghanistan. Also,  He said this while addressing the white house. Further,  He warned those who carried out this attack by saying that Americans will not forgive them nor they will forget. America will hunt them down and make them pay for what they did. He said that he will defend America with every measure at this command. One person said that he saw bodies of women and children scattered all over the place and he feared for his life in Afghanistan. Although there is no official confirmation, the attack could be from Islamic State. Americans are furious as US troops and Afghans are killed in the attack.

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