Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Time And Other Updates

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Time And Other Updates

Aren’t you interested to know about the adventures of Takemichi Hanagaki? Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about Tokyo Revengers episode 21. Here is all that you need to know about the release. Keep reading. 

What Is Tokyo Revengers All About – The Plot?

Before I step into the details about the release date of Tokyo revengers episode 21, let me keep you updated about the series as well. So, this is a tale of a boy named Takemichi Hanagaki who is around his 20s. And, one day, Takemichi is found thrown in front of a train that is arriving. But to his surprise, he wakes up to find that he isn’t dead but is actually transported to a few years behind. This seems to be another chance for Takemichi who takes it as an opportunity to amend a few mistakes from his past.

And, this also includes ensuring the safety of Hinata Tachibana, his then-girlfriend. She dies in the future, and in this second chance that he has, he needs to make sure that she is fine and safe. Plus, this is all about the story of Tokyo revengers. Episode 1 was premiered on April 2021 and is still running a decent show. Keep reading to know about the release date of Tokyo revengers episode 21.

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date

The release date of the new addition to the series is scheduled. The release date is August 29, 2021, in Japan. Also, the time is sure to change with respect to the place that you are in. Similarly, for the ones out of Japan, the episode is to reach you by August 30, 2021.

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll. Also, you can watch Tokyo revengers episode 21 also on the same platform. Moreover, Netflix also has streaming rights. You can also watch them on the YouTube channel. Therefore, you get to watch all the episodes of Tokyo Revengers online. Moreover, you also get to watch them with subtitles. Furthermore, we also recommend that you don’t use other unidentified platforms to watch the series.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 Recap

Previously we saw, Mikey falls to his knees after taking down Kazutora, Chome, and Chombo. Also, this seems to be the best opportunity. And, knowing that one of the captions takes his walk towards Mikey along with a crew. His intention is to end the battle by defeating Mikey. Though they try to take him down, they are unsuccessful.

And this is where Kisaki steps in the sense to protect the Toman leader. During this time, Takemichi understands that the guy is actually Chouji. And, Chouji met Takemichi along with Kisaki. Whatever happens, Kisaki seems to be wining. At this point, Baji entered the scene and hits Kisaki with a pipe.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Time And Other Updates

Despite all the warnings from Takemichi Baji takes his way to fight Kisaki. Takemichi warned him to make sure that he doesn’t hurt Mikey. Well, Baji kept ignoring all of these and ended up beating everyone. There he met with Kisaki. But before he could do something he started coughing up blood. That was a clear indication of the harm that he has got himself with his battle with Kazutora.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 – Spoilers 

In the new episode, we can expect Mikey to try to kill Kazutora. This makes Takemichi think that the future is cold and empty. In this place, we can expect baji to do something to make things alright. Let us wait to know what the new episode has in store for us.

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