Rix Vanus Chapter 104 Release Date; Is Manhwa On Hiatus?

Rix Vanus Chapter 104 Release Date; Is Manhwa On Hiatus?

Last month the Author and Writers of Rix Vanus informed about the manhwa going on hiatus. It was announced through the Special announcements part after Chapter 101. There hasn’t been any update about when the Manhwa will return. Considering that We expect Rix Vanus Chapter 104 to not release anytime soon. Chanseong wrote and illustrated Rix Vanus. This manhwa was published by Bomtoon. In this article, we will talk about when we can expect Chapter 104 to come out. Let’s begin…

Rix Vanus Synopsis

Before moving further, let’s get a Rix Vanus Chapter 104 recap.

Rix Vanus is a handsome and sturdy Prince. He has defeated the demons and now has returned to his motherland after winning the brutal war against the demons. But the winning came at a cost. He was cursed by a vicious demon. The Prince is distressed every night. Each night he has shameful and lust-filled visions and hallucinations as demon takes the lustful form. Prince Rix Vanus escapes the palace and moves to the jungle and mountains. There he met with Nuah. Nuah is a compassionate divine spirit who later joins the Prince on his quest to break free of the curse. As time passes they grew closer and closer.

Rix Vanus Chapter 104 Release Date; Is Manhwa On Hiatus?

Rix Vanus Chapter 104 Release Date

The last chapter that was released in Rix Vanus Manhwa was Chapter 101. It was released more than a month ago. Since then the Manhwa is on hiatus. Rix Vanus Chapter 104 is not expected to release anytime soon. The author announced the hiatus in a special announcement chapter after the release of Chapter 101. Since then there hasn’t been any more announcement about when we can expect the manhwa to return. The last chapter saw Nuah and Rix getting intimate and that’s how it ended.

It is still unclear about what will happen in the Chapter 104. We might be able to speculate what will happen but for that too we have to wait for Chapter 102 and 103. Fans are waiting and they expect the Author to make announcement about manhwa any time soon. Although, We will have to wait a little longer for Chapter 104 Release. Bomtoon has the previous chapter of Rix Vanus. You can read it from there.

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