Star Trek: Prodigy Casts The Voice of the Two Main Villains

Star Trek: Prodigy Casts The Voice of the Two Main Villains

If you are into animated series. Then we have something for you. Yes! you read the title right the famous upcoming Star Trek prodigy cast is announced. To know more about the Star Trek: Prodigy and for its latest updates. Continue reading the article.

Director Ben Hibon is credited with Star Trek Prodigy’s directing, while Dan and Kevin Hageman are credited with its conception. And it is Reported that Nickelodeon and CBS have talked out all the agreements for Not One but instead for two seasons.

Star Trek: Prodigy Release Date & Where To Watch

Firstly brought into development stage by CBS studios animation company – ‘ Eye Animation Productions ‘ and in teaming up with nickelodeon. The show will first air on Paramount + then it will follow its premiere on Nickelodeon. The latest installment of the Star Trek franchise is about to be released in 2021 itself. But earlier it was the fall of 2021 (autumn) but, Now it is being speculated that due to the covid pandemic the show will be released by the end of 2021.

Star Trek Prodigy Casts

The top cast of the show includes-

Rylee Alazraqui is set to play Rok Tahk‘s character.

Dee Bradly will be seen playing Murf.

Whereas, Brett grey is confirmed as Dal in the series.

Meanwhile, Angus Imrie is the one finalized to play Zero‘s Character.

Jason Mantzouks will be playing Jankom Pog.

And Ella Purnell is finalized for the role of Gwyn.

Star Trek: Prodigy Casts The Voice of the Two Main Villains

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Latest Addition to the cast of Star Trek prodigy’s villans list

We learn about the latest addition of the character named Diviner, who will be portrayed by John Noble, who rules Tars Lamora, exploiting its inhabitants and doing all in his might to locate the Protostar ship.

And another addition to the villans cast of the show ‘Drednok‘, will be voiced by Jimmi Simpson and will be The Diviner’s lethal robotic enforcer. To complete the Diviner’s job, he is callous, ruthless, and cold, and he will stop at nothing to do it: locate the protostar.

Star Trek Prodigy is set in the year 2383, Following the after events of Star Trek: Voyager.

This was an article on the upcoming blockbuster straight from the famous Star Trek franchise. We will be back with the latest updates from Star Trek: Prodigy and Much more such content.

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