Riot Mobile: A Replacement For League+ App In October

Riot Games has made an announcement to replace League+ with Riot Mobile. Read the article to find out more about the update.

Riot Games is an America-based games development company that is known for its games like League of Legends all over the world. The company is also on now for its esports and other online tournaments.

Recently the company made an announcement of an update that will soon come out as Riot Mobile. The update will replace League+ from the devices. The update will support all the games of league+ and the name will change to Riot Mobile. The company has said that the update will helpful for the convenience of the players. Riot games came out in the market in 2016. It was launched on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The application provided the news and videos related to the games of the company. The latest update will also have a lot of new features in it. It will give the players a chat function and the ability to watch the live matches and check their match history.

Riot Mobile: A Replacement For League+ App In October

Riot Mobile Features

The update will have many features like player profiles and you can also chat with the players. It will help establish a connection with the players all across the globe. It also made updates related to esports and match highlights. You can have a look at your match history and can also join the live matches.

The update will be available on the play stores and those who already have the league+ on their phone can simply update the application and they will get the application. Others can get access to it on the application store.

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Riot Mobile: A Replacement For League+ App In October

Release Date

The release date for the Riot Mobile is set. The date announced by the label for the release of the update is October 4, 2021. This is not so far and with the date getting close players are excited about the release of the update. We will keep you up to date with all the updates of the release.

Riot also said that the main aim of this update, Riot Mobile is to make it easier for the players to connect with each other no matter where they are. The update will make it more easier and fun for the players. They also said that the players can see the improvements in esports and match history as soon as the update is made. The players will also feel a change in the player security right after the launch of the update.

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