Blue Reflection Ray Episode 21 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

We are back with another anime that is about to release its next episode. Yes! you read the title right Blue Reflection ray episode 21 is today’s topic. To know more about the Anime and for its latest updates, recap, release date. Continue reading the article.


Before hopping on to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 21. Let’s get back to what happened in episode 20.

In an effort to stop Shino from getting the Common, Hiori approaches Ruka for assistance. When they prepared to face Shino, the pair flashed their weapons. As a result, Mio assaults Hiori, who inquires why. Asked if she believes she can influence her sister’s emotions with her fake light, Hiori replies that she does. To halt Shino, Hiori tells him to stop. According to Shino, the group has committed grave errors that will not be forgotten or forgiven. This strange light is causing students in a neighboring town to ponder what it really is. When Amiru and Miyoka come, Miyoka instructs the pupils to leave.

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People haven’t heeded to Miyoka, but they’re eventually busy shooting photographs using mobile phones. However, there is really no service for Miyako to dial. When Ruka and Mio begin fighting, Shino convinces Hiori to surrender up and join her in the role of Mio. Over the same strike, Mio hits both Ruka and Hiori. He reminded her of her history, and that Mio ran away when she was a child. Shino recounts a narrative of anguish and grief while the three battle one another in the background. Shino assures them that they are accepted and that they experience the same sorrow as she does. “I’m not leaving Mio behind,” Hiori responds.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 21

Plot Twist

It dawns on Hiori that Mio is frightened of living in a society of shadows and being separated from her forever. Fear grips Mio as she contemplates sacrificing the stuff that really is vital to her. When Shino approaches, Hiori raises her sword and declares that she has embraced Shino’s affections and would not let her walk. Chains are Mio’s weapon of choice, but Hiori blocks them with her blade. Due to her inability to compete with her sister, Hiori is beaten mercilessly. Niina is likewise dominated by Uta, who sends her soaring into the air. Shino froze Mio with ice, and black wings appear on his back as a result of the freezing.

This brought the 20th episode to a conclusion.

Release Date Of Blue Reflection Ray Episode 21

The 21st episode of  Blue reflection Ray is set to release on 3rd September 2021. The episode will be releasing sharp at 2:30 Am.

Where To Watch

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 21 will be available directly on streaming services of AnimeLab. Along with the latest releases from the anime, Audiences can catch up with previous episodes.

This was an article on the upcoming episode of Blue Reflection Ray. We will be back with the latest updates from the show and much more.

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