FF Max 9.0 Apk Download the Latest 2021 Today ( Without Playstore)

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Now you can get information on the latest ff max 9.0 apk download 2021 which you can now use to play this game, and here’s the full review.

Lately, many Free Fire game survivors are curious and want to try the ff max game, which frogs have much better graphics than the usual Free Fire game.

With information like that, it’s only natural that many people want to download the latest ff max 9.0 apk.

So if you want to get it, you won’t find it even on Playstore, but you don’t need to worry because you can get this apk on the taptap io site, therefore I will discuss it this time.

Download FF Max 9.0 Apk

Well, as I said above, if you want to get ff max 9.0 download this apk, you can directly download it on the official website, if you want to get it right here, please refer to this review.

  • Name: FF Max
  • Apk File Size: 36.3MB
  • Developer: Garena
  • Version: 9.0
  • Root: No Need
  • Recommended OS: Android 5.0 and above

FF Max 9.0 Apk Download the Latest 2021 Today

How to Install Tap Tap FF Max

After the download process above is complete, you do the installation on the device you are using. Because this is the ff max version, then you follow the installation tutorial below

  • Extract the OBB file first by using RARLAB or the like.
  • Enable installation permission from unknown sources in settings.
  • Install the apk file first.
  • Copy the extracted OBB file earlier.
  • Paste or paste in the installation folder that was just done. note, paste the OBB file in a folder called OBB as well.

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Main Features of FF Max 9.0

In this chapter, we will explain in more detail what features are available. What is certain is that the features in this max version will make you interested in using it immediately.

  1. FF max apk 9.0 Apk Features Unlimited Diamond

Of course the main feature is unlimited diamonds. It is this feature that you are most likely to find in our article. Just imagine when you can buy items, skins, bundles and other types in the Free Fire game as needed. Isn’t that very interesting?

It’s as if you already have an ff sultan account that has complete items in it. You can also pretend to be a rich person by buying all the available items. Will diamonds be reduced later? What is called unlimited means that it will not decrease even if you buy all the items and the developers at once?

  1. Unlock All Characters

In the original version, you are only given a few characters, the rest you have to buy yourself with diamonds. The max version does not apply, you can already use all the characters when you first install on the device.

So please choose whatever your favorite character is and use it against other players. Of course, it will be very fun and make winning easier to get.

  1. Unlock All Skins

Still not satisfied with all the characters you get? There are other features that are no less exciting. You can also use all existing skins. None of the skins will be locked which means you can’t buy them.

The skin provided is also the same as the original version, namely more weapons, character skins, and all types of skins. How? Very cool right? Still, lacking with the three features above?

  1. Auto Headshot

If it’s still not enough, you can use cheat features that can harm your opponent. ff max 9.0 Apk auto headshot is a feature that will give you higher accuracy to shoot the enemy’s head. The accuracy rate is above 80%, so for example if you shoot the chest, chances are you can still get a headshot.

  1. Breakthrough the Wall

Your position is being squeezed by the enemy’s siege? Calm down, don’t panic, there is a translucent feature that can be used to escape. In addition, this feature is also useful when you approach enemies in the room so that they are not visible. If it’s close, you just shoot from behind. Booyah!

  1. Immune Features

There is no need to hide from the enemy if you use the invulnerability feature. Where can you die if all the bullets won’t reduce Hit Points? You can use it if you just want to explore the map. Then turn it off when not in use to keep the game interesting.

The final word

That’s a review from Global Coverage about downloading this latest version of ff max 9.0 apk, please get the application then install and play on your smartphone.

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