When can FF Max be used? Here’s the prediction

When can FF Max be used? Now this question is being discussed a lot by Free Fire players. The reason is, the latest version of Free Fire called Free Fire Max will be released in the near future. So that makes Free Fire players curious, when the latest FF version can be used.

Currently, FF itself is still in its 4th Anniversary moment. Where they are incessantly carrying out free events for their players. Besides that, they are also preparing FF Max to be released soon.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss when we can use FF Max to play. Curious about the answer, so read on until the end of this article.

Free Fire Max at a Glance

Before discussing further when FF Max can be used. We will briefly discuss what Free Fire Max is. Free Fire Max itself is the latest version of Free Fire that was created specifically to maximize the playing experience of its players.

In this FF Max, Garena promises to make more detailed and realistic graphics, classy games, and more competitive games. Pre-registration itself has started to open yesterday Sunday (29/08/2021) at 14.00 noon.

The pre-registers were immediately invaded by FF players. However, it should be underlined that to play the game, the player must have a device that is higher than before. Because the size itself is allegedly going to be heavier than Free Fire Original (FFO).

When can FF Max be used?

Now, let’s talk about when Free Fire Max can be used. For now Free Fire Max is still not used. Why? What is the reason? The reason is quite simple because the game itself has not been released at all. Currently, the pre-registration stage is still ongoing.

This means the game is still in the pre-registration stage for players who want to play it. Usually, this stage lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on Garena’s policy. This game is likely to be released in September. Or maybe it’s October at most.

In essence, keep updating information about Free Fire Max, be it from Garena or from Dafunda Game. The reason is, when there is new information, Garena will immediately convey it regarding FF Max. Likewise, Dafunda Game will immediately update the new information. So stay tuned for the latest information!

That’s the discussion about When FF Max Can Be Used. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about other Free Fire Tips from us.

FF Max Q & A

When can FF Max be used?
When can FF Max be used?

Q1. What is Free Fire MAX?

• Free Fire MAX​​, a standalone mobile application, offers an optimized Free Fire experience with enhanced graphics and features.

Q2. What is the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX?

• Free Fire MAX is a more spec-heavy version, but identical in terms of gameplay.

• Free Fire MAX would include more advanced effects, animations, and graphics to enhance the overall user experience without compromising gameplay.

• Players of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX can play each other, even if using different versions of the game.

Q3. Where can I download Free Fire MAX?

• You can download Free Fire MAX on the Google Play store.

Q4. When will Free Fire MAX be available to play?

• Free Fire MAX will be available to play in a few weeks. Stay tuned to our Free Fire social media pages for all the latest updates.

Q5. Can I login with my existing Free Fire account?

• Yes, users can use their existing Free Fire account to login to Free Fire MAX.

• Account data including account progress and game items are synced across both applications by Firelink technology. Users can switch between either application at any time and use the same account for both applications.

Q6. WIll I get to keep all my items from Free Fire?

• Yes, players can top up and buy items normally both in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. And player account progress and items owned will be shared across the 2 applications using a single account.

Q7. Where will Free Fire MAX be launched?

• Free Fire MAX will be launched globally!

• Head to the Google Play store to pre-register for Free Fire MAX.

Q8. Will Free Fire MAX be available to iOS users?

• More details will be announced again.

• Stay tuned to our Free Fire social media pages for all the latest updates.

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