Windows 11 Release Date , Minimum System Requirements, And Features

Windows 11 Release, Minimum System Requirements, And Features

Windows 11 is the new operating system from Microsoft. It is a major change from previous Windows operating systems. Microsoft had promised that Windows 11 going to be a major update. And it has delivered the promise. Users are happy with the new windows 11 Beta. It is nothing like the previous versions. Read more to know about Windows 11 Release Date , Minimum System Requirements, And Features.

Its interface is also changed from the previous operating systems. There will be support for Android apps and this has made users happy. Upcoming Windows is a fundamental shift from the previous Microsoft compared with its previous operating system. Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft has said that New Windows is the first version of the new era of Windows 11. Windows 11 system requirements are not a major issue. To get to know more about Windows 11, read along.

Windows 11 Release, Minimum System Requirements, And Features

Release Date Of Windows 11

Although Microsoft introduced 11 window  on June 24. It is scheduled to be released in the holiday season. The timeline is very different from how Windows normally gets released by Microsoft. The normal way of releasing takes six months once the operating system is released. And the insiders test the operating system and give feedback and things evolve. Many thought that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows. Those were the rumors but seeing now that’s clearly not the case. The new version of Windows and it has got a positive response from critics, just by looking at the interface of and features of Windows 11. To know if your laptop or PC can run, keep reading.

Windows 11  System Requirements

There have been discussions among users of Windows 10 as to whether there will be an update from windows 10 and also what are the system requirements for running Windows 11. As for those who were waiting for the system requirements of windows 11, the wait is over. These are the system requirements your device would be needing. The processor needs to be 1 gigahertz or faster with 2 or more cores. If you have more cores the operating system will be even faster. Windows 11 System requirements are convenient enough to run on old laptops and PCs.

Windows 11 Release, Minimum System Requirements, And Features

It is recommended to use devices(laptops or PCs) having more cores. The RAM needs to be 4 GB or even higher. Although Windows 11 can run on 2 GB of ram, it is not advisable since the device would be slow. The storage needs to be more than 64GB or more than that. The graphics card will be compatible with DirectX 12 and the system needs to be having the graphics card to smoothly run heavy graphic apps.

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft has made the commitment to run all android apps. So in Windows 11, there will be the support of android apps and games. Also, Microsoft has a partnership with Amazon, and the Amazon store will be featured in windows 11. The GUI of the windows is changed. Microsoft has announced that Disney, TikTok, and zoom all are coming to the store. Due to all of these features, one can predict that 11 window is going to be successful. And also Windows 11 System requirements are quite affordable.

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