Know All The Details Of Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers

Flipkart Beat the Genius, is a quiz show sponsored by Flipkart. It’s an addictive game that has many fans in India. All one has to do is play the quiz and answer the questions right and emerge as a winner. Which is easier said than done.

Flipkart Beat The Genius

There are many participants who compete in the quiz and try to win the show. The winners will get a lot of exciting prizes such as Redmi headphones, gift vouchers, etc. Also, It is an exciting game to play that boosts one’s knowledge base and also it’s fun to play. Flipkart Beat Genius quiz is life for September 1st and to check out the answers to the quiz, read along.

What You Need To Play The Quiz

If you are here to know more details of the quiz then you are at the right place. Read along to find more details about the quiz. Further, The answers given here are for September 1st quiz. The show is a hit among fans and all are eager to play and win prizes such as Coins, headphones, and various gift vouchers. Moreover, The name of the quiz is Flipkart Beat The Genius. Also, To play the game all one needs is a Smartphone, internet connection, and Flipkart app installed on the phone.

Know All The Details Of Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers

How To Play The Quiz

The game can be easily played by going to the Flipkart app and signing in there. Go to the bottom by scrolling down and click on the Beat The Genius quiz. Also, There will be a total of 5 questions which are based on general knowledge, and the participants who win the quiz are selected through a lucky draw and they will win amazing prizes. It is a simple quiz to play which involves luck to win the prizes. Further, The quiz will be conducted on a  daily basis and there will be different genres each day on which the questions will be asked. Flipkart Beat The Genius is becoming popular among the young masses.


Details Of September 1st Quiz

Today is September 1st and the prizes for today will be new Redmi headphones and the quiz timing will be from 12 Am to 12 Pm. It will be available on the Flipkart Game app and the number of winners that will be selected is 1000. And they will announce the winner every 15 days. Furthermore, The questions can be of any type. Although there will be new topics every day and based on that topic questions will be formulated. Moreover, There are a lot of participants every day and all are competing to win the Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz. Also, Once they win the quiz, it depends on their luck to be announced as the winner.

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