Marvel Avengers: Adidas and Nike unveil their superhero sneakers

Thanks to Nike and Adidas, superheroes now have exclusive models of sneakers in their image!

Are you a die-hard Marvel heroes fan? Do you have a real passion for Loki, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man? Good news: basketball giants Nike and Adidas have just unveiled their exclusive models, dedicated to these four Marvel protagonists. Back on the front of the stage, our heroes are now displayed in the window, with sneakers as original as they are elegant. Between the Spiderverse Air Jordan 1 model and the Black Widow Dunks, the choice may well be difficult.

Marvel heroes now have their own sneakers – Credit: Nike

In color or black and white, you now have the opportunity to display your passion right on your feet. With 4 new models, the two brands are entering the dance of offensive marketing of Marvel.

Marvel offers sneakers with the effigy of its starsMarvel Avengers: Adidas and Nike unveil their superhero sneakers Marvel Avengers: Adidas and Nike unveil their superhero sneakers

The Spiderverse model pays homage to the spider-man in red and blue hues. The model plays on an innovative game of textures, including words in homage to the franchise. One can thus read on the straps the names of the actors who carried the role: Maguire, Garfield, and Holland. A beautiful tribute therefore to these actors who partly owe their current fame to the character. For its part, Loki offers itself a model all in green tones. Ant-Man benefits from a red model, showing but all in finesse.

Finally, it is Black Widow who receives the honors of Nike, with a pair of Dunks in her image. Discreet and elegant, this model focuses on black with some touches of fantasy on its laces and the back of the shoe. More than dedicated merchandising, this is a real stroke of marketing genius . Because it’s a safe bet that these models will sell like hotcakes!

To find your size, go to the brands’ dedicated websites. There you will find a lot of information on availability and shipping possibilities. The price side, counts an average of 200 to 350  $  depending on the model. But in the event of rupture, they obviously risk flying away quickly!

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