Instagram Reels Video Download For Free, Everything You Need To Know

Instagram Reels Video Download For Free

If you also want to know about the Instagram Reels Video Download process then read this article to know about different methods to do so.

After the ban of Tiktok, many other short video apps came into the market. And soon we had Instagram participating in the race as well. Instagram launched its new feature reels in July of 2020. The feature soon became popular among the users and is now is used by millions of users on Instagram. It has a lot of features and a lot of trends going on regularly. Let’s see how Instagram Reels Video Download For Free, Everything You Need To Know.

How To Save Reels

If you want to have a collection of your favorite Instagram reels then you can simply save the relationship on your Instagram account. You just need to go to the reel you want to save. Click the three dots on the screen and tap save.

To get access to these saved videos you need to go back to your profile and click the profile icon and then select the hamburger icon. Next, you need to select the settings and go to your account and you will see a saved option there. Click the save and you will find all your saved reels there.Instagram Reels Video Download For Free, Everything You Need To Know

How To Instagram Reels Video Download: Android

If you want to save the reels in your local store then you will need to follow these steps. Go to the Google Play Store and download the video downloaded for Instagram. Install the app and set it up on your mobile phone.

Once the app is all set go to the Instagram Reel that you want to save and click the three dots once again. Click the copy link option and open the video downloaded and the link that out just copied will be already opened there. The reel will be saved on your phone storage just with few clicks.Instagram Reels Video Download For Free, Everything You Need To Know

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How To Instagram Reels Video Download: iPhone

If you are not an Android user and use iPhone instead then we have just the solution for you. You need to download Insaver for Instagram from the App Store. You will need to follow the same Leicester again. Go to the reel and click the three dots. Copy the link and the link you copied will already be opened there. Tap the watch icon and click the save to save the video to the photos app.

Save Through Screen Recording

If you don’t want to OK install a third-party app on your phone then you can simply screen recording the reels. Just select the screen recording and play the reel that you want to save on your phone and just record the video. Once done just stop the screen recording and the video will be on your phone in no time. You can use the built-in screen recording method or just install an application to record.

So these are some of the methods with which you can easily complete the process of Instagram Reels Video Download and save the Instagram reels on your phones.

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