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One The Women (2021) Release Date, Plot, Time, And Preview

One The Women (2021) Release Date, Plot, Time, And Preview

We are back with a new upcoming Korean Drama for its fans. With an Intigruing plot. This K-Drama will definitely ensure to keep its viewers entertained through its gripping storyline. Yes! you read the title right One The Woman will be releasing its first episode by the mid of This month only. To know more about One The Women (2021) Release Date, Plot, Time, And Preview and the latest updates of the upcoming drama. Continue reading the article to the very end.


Before going on to One the women Release date. Let’s get through the plot of the show.

This Series is about a daughter-in-law who, owing to her memory impairment, does have come out with the appearance of a subsidiary and a crooked lawyer who unintentionally changes her life.

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Meanwhile, Cho Yeon Joo, a rogue attorney, is involved in a car collision with a drunk driver. Kang Mi Na, the daughter-in-law of BK Firm and the youngest child of a chaebol, awakes out of a coma and finds that her life has been switched with those of Kang Mi Na. Han Seung Wook is a chaebol, yet he still has a soft spot during his first beloved, Seo In Young. Because of the brutality of the succession war, he decided to leave Korea. Seeking to learn what happened to his father, he returns to the crime scene. So, to avoid losing his initial beloved again, eventually, luck shines he encounters her by just mere coincidence. Lets move on to One The Women (2021) Release Date, Time, And Preview

One The Women (2021) Release Date, Plot, Time, And Preview

Release Date Of One the women

The first episode of  One the women is set to release on 17th September 2021. The episode will be releasing sharp at 22:00 KST (Korean Standard Time ).

Where To Watch

One of the women’s 1st Episodes will be available directly on Broadcasting services of SBS Network. Along with the latest releases from this Korean Drama, you can catch all the latest offerings from the Network Provider.

This was an article on the latest addition to the list of upcoming Koran Dramas named One the Women. We will be back with the latest updates from the show and much more.

Until Then

Stay Tuned with The Global Coverage for more updates about your favorite shows.

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