Shaman King Episode 22 (2021) Release Date, Time, Recap, And Spoilers

Shaman King Episode 22 (2021) Release Date, Time, Recap, And Spoilers

We are back with a famous anime. Yes! you read the title right Shaman King Episode 22 is set to release in few days of time. To know more about the anime and its upcoming episode, Along with a recap, release date, and spoiler. continue reading the article to the very end.


Before hopping on to Shaman King Episode 22. Let’s get back to episode No. 21 and see what happened there.

While Yoh intends to aid Ren, Anna refuses to let it because the Tao Household is scary. Amidamaru and Bason eventually disappear as in eternal when Ponchi, Conchi, Amidamaru, and Bason start playing a tune with the BoZ brothers. This causes the Lost Souls to emerge and assault Yoh and his friends. Yoh and some others have little hope against the souls because their own souls have vanished, thus Yoh is enabled to evade and declare that he desires Amidamaru returned.

When Yoh is attacked repeatedly by the two brothers, Ryu eventually has to come and stop the abuse. As a result of this, Ryu is capable of defeating those demons with his Over-Soul. Ryu’s soul is discovered to be Tokageroh as when the BoZ Brothers depart. There is a scene when the unknown females have been seen reporting to something like an unknown individual with a huge unidentified guarding spirit.

Shaman King Episode 22 (2021) Release Date, Time, Recap And Spoilers
Shaman King Episode 22

Anna appears and gathers everybody else’s guardian spirits. Anna grants Yoh authority that would save Ren if everyone is delighted. A group of people including Yoh and his friends Manta and Ryu run off with their souls but Anna, Pirica, and Tamao remain around.

Thus this brought the episode to a conclusion.

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Release Date of Shaman King Episode 22

The 22nd episode of  Shaman King is set to release on the 9th of  September 2021 that will be Thursday. The episode will be releasing sharp at 1:55 AM PST (pacific standard Time). But this will be only for Japanese Netflix users. Still, there is no update for the global audience.

Where To Watch Shaman King Episode 22

Shaman King’s 22nd Episode will be available directly on streaming services of Netflix. Along with the latest releases from this Anime, Viewers can catch previously released episodes too.

This was an article on the upcoming episode of popular Manga turned anime Shaman King. We will be back with the latest updates from the anime and much more content.

Until then

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