Brooklyn 99 Season 8 E9 and E10 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 9 and 10 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers

So, guys we are back again with the most famous show and in addition to that the most to be loved TV show in the list of world television cinema. YES! Brooklyn 99 season 8 episode 9 and 10 sadly will be marking the end of this popular show. Will be releasing this month itself. To know more about the recap, release date, spoilers, and more latest updates from the show. continue reading the article to the very end.

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 8 Recap

Before moving further with the Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 9 and 10 release date, let’s get a quick recap.

Previously on Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 8, we got a lot of twists and turns. The episode begins with the 99 crew talking about the new reform and Captain holt announcing his retirement plan from NYPD. However, Captain mentioned not inform Amy about the news so that she can focus on the big case. At the same time, everyone else seemed devasted by the news. Further, holt shared that the major reason behind his retirement is that he wants to focus on his marriage with Kevin. Similarly, recalling his and Kevins, marriage day he announced that He and Kevin are planning to renew their marriage vows and arrange a big wedding this time.

Further in the story, Jake wanted to work with holt in his last case and make it memorable. Initially, holt refused to tag along with him, but later he decided to join him on the mission. At the same time, Amy was working on a different face. And accidentally Seargent Jeffords mentioned Captain holts retirement from NYPD which made Amy left in shock. On the other side, Kevin finds out that holt went to solve the case on the day of their wedding. Likewise, captain Holt and jake got stuck in the basement and their plan went wrong. Captain thinks he has put his marriage in jeopardy.

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 9 and 10 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers
Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 9 and 10

Spoiler Alert!

Furthermore, Kevin and rosa reached the place of mission, dressed as NYPD detectives, and set them free. Kevin confronted Holt about his retirement. Later in the story, the crew got together for the meeting where Captain holt announced that he is not further acting on his retirement decision. Also, he discloses about him being elected as the new commissioner. Also, he said he wants Amy to take up as the new chief. Which obviously called for Amy’s dork dance and everyone being happy. However, Amy was a little worried about handling parenthood and Cheif Position at the same time. But Jake consoled her and told her they will manage. With this episode ended.

Let’s see when is the release of Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episodes 9 and 10.

Release Date of Brooklyn 99 season 8 episode 9 and 10

Episode no. 9 and 10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season8 are named “The Last Day Part 1” and “The Last Day Part 2”. THe Last Installment of the TV Show is set to release By the mid of this month i.e. September 16, 2021. IT will be available on the earlier scheduled timing and hence there are no delays informed till now.

Where To Watch Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episodes 9 And 10

The remaining two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine till now are available on the NBC network for the viewers residing in the U.S.Thus, for the online audience, it is available on NBC’s Official Website. Along with the upcoming episodes, viewers can catch up with the previous storyline. Moreover, after the ending geeks can start all over from S1 E1.

Meanwhile, from Netflix, there are no updates on when will season 8 will be available on their streaming services. But hopes are high that the process is somewhere in the middle and we can see Brooklyn 99 Season8 on Netflix very soon. This was an article on the upcoming finale of Brooklyn 99 Season8. That would eventually be the finishing line for this treat for the eyes.

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 E9 and E10 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Watch Online

Brooklyn 99 is one of the most famous sitcoms on NBC, likewise, fans can watch upcoming episodes on NBC’s official website. However, that will only be available for American viewers. Further, For foreign viewers, you can watch it on demand. Anyways in case, you missed any of the previous seasons that you can easily watch on Netflix.

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Netflix

Many of the viewers have a query whether season 8 of Brooklyn 99 will present on Netflix or not. For now, season 8 is only available on its official site and illegal sites. But considering Netflix, it is expected once the season is fully previewed by NBC Netflix will take over B99 for the preview.

Bro0klyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Review

So, far in the story of Brooklyn 99, we have witnessed many twists and turns. (Spoiler Alert) Previously we have watched that Rose left the force, Jake and Amy are having a tough time managing their career and parenthood. Further, Kevin and Captain Holt break up. Also, Hitchcock retired from the force. As much as these twists gave us major heartbreak they also, brought something new and entertaining to the show. It would be entertaining to see if the show will be able to maintain these twists and entertainment.

Brooklyn 99 Season 8 Episode 9 And 10 Promo

The upcoming episode of Brooklyn 99 season 8 trailer has not been released yet! but it is expected they will be out a week before that preview of the final parts.

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