Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked On Telegram, Everything You Need To Know

Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked On Telegram, Everything You Need To Know

La Casa De Papel/Money Heist has just entered its final season with the release of the 5th Season. Money Heist Season 5 is divided into 2 parts – the first part releasing on 3rd September and Part 2 of the final season is scheduled to release on 3rd December 2021. The first four seasons of the show were a huge hit among the audience. Everyone loved their favorite Professor and his team. The story and the characters are undoubtedly amazing. Adding plot twists, thrill, and mystery to the story the show is one of the best. Now that Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked On Telegram. Several piracy websites and platforms have been reported to leak the show with full HD episodes. One of the platforms is – Telegram.

Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked on Telegram

Season 5 was leaked on Telegram just a few hours after the release. The show is available to download now with full HD episodes in Hindi Dubbed, English Dubbed and In Spanish with English subtitles. This is not the first time when we have had such reports. Earlier also Mirzapur 2, Family Man 2, and a lot of other movies and web series have been pirated through Telegram. Apart from Telegram piracy sites such as Tamilrockers have also pirated the show just a few hours after the original release.

Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked On Telegram, Everything You Need To Know

Money Heist Season 5 Preview

In the previous seasons, The Heist was going according to the plans. They have Rio as planned and the news of torturing him won’t viral. The robbers have public support with them. Alicia is asked to take the blame on behalf of the police officers after Nairobi is killed by one of the Bodyguards inside the bank. The Professor’s plan to save Lisbon has worked and she is now with Tokyo and others inside the Bank. This is the biggest heist in history and everyone was aware of the risks involved. Now at the finale, we also saw Alicia reaching the hideout of the Professor and caught him Red Handed. In the 5th season, the story continues and Lisbon is expected to take charge in the absence of the Professor.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Money Heist S5 is divided into two parts. The first part of Season 5 is released on 3rd September at 12:30 PM IST. The second part of Season 5 has been announced to release on 3rd December. Till Will be the Final Season of “Most watched non-English series” on Netflix. Money Heist S5 will see the return of all the previous cast members along with some new faces.


Watch Online

Money Heist Season 5 P1 is available on Netflix along with all the previous seasons. This show is originally in Spanish but you can watch it in English and Hindi dubbed version on Netflix. You can watch all the seasons on Netflix but for that, you need to have a monthly subscription. As we have already mentioned that the show has been leaked on several websites and Telegrams we request our readers not to promote piracy by downloading from these sources.

What To Expect from Money Heist Season 5

The Professor is caught red-handed by Alicia Sierra. As a result, the team is on their own now. We might see either Lisbon or Tokyo take command of the Heist. We expect to see some new members joining the team too. Moreover from the trailer, it is clear that Berlin had a son. But his role in the series is yet to be seen. He might accompany the robbers but how, it is not clear. Some fan theories suggest that Alicia will turn against the Department and will help Professor.

Money Heist Season 5 P1 Leaked On Telegram

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