Show Me the Ghost (2021) Release Date, Plot Cast, Preview, And Review

Show Me the Ghost (2021) Release Date, Plot Cast, Preview And Review

On our Website, You will find Information on Various Korean drama shows, Anime, and the latest current events. But we are back with a Korean Movie. Show Me the Ghost is the upcoming Korean Movie. Which will be releasing in a few days of time. To know about the Movie’s Release Date, Preview, and latest updates. Continue reading the article to the very end.

Show Me The Ghost (2021) Plot

Before hopping on to the Release date of Show Me the Ghost. Let’s go through what the narrative is all about.

Yeji and Hodu’s self-exorcism comedy is filled with spooky terror. As a result, both of them are looking for work that is in need of a place to live. When they are ready, they may move into a brand new home for a minimum deposit and cheap lease payments. Upon entering the house, they are horrified to see a ghost. An identity exorcist helps them with self-exorcism because they have no funds and nowhere to go.

Show Me the Ghost (2021) Release Date, Plot Cast, Preview And Review

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Cast Of Show Me the Ghost

The credits for the direction of the thriller movie is gone to Kim Kyung

The three main leads include- Han Seung is seen playing the role of Yeji. who is shown as a trainee and is a 10-year-old kid. Ho Du another character is seen playing by actor Kim Hyun. Who runs a convince store. Meanwhile the main protagonist Hong Seung is playing the role of Kidu.

Release date of Show Me the Ghost

This upcoming South Korean Movie ” Show Me the Ghost ” has been premiered on July 10 earlier this year. But it will commence its theatre business from the 9th of September 2021.


The critics have mixed views from the premiere on July 10, 2021, as it was applauded for its horror integrating story as well the director was also applauded for her Flow and a visionary statement depicted on the screen.

The movie got bad reviews for its opening scenes as it felt that there was certain spice missing which made those particular scenes less vibrant. But, when the plot begins to gather some pace. It is that time when the Horror comedy kicks in truly.

This was an article on the upcoming South Korean Movie ” Show Me The Ghost ” which looks quite promising. We will be back with more updates from South Korean Movie World And much more content.

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