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Gokushufudou Second Part Reveals, Release Date, Cast, First Promo

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2 

Gokushufudou 2nd Part has been Revealed, Let’s get you all the details regarding Gokushufudou Second Part Reveals, Release Date, Cast, First Promo.

Back in the day, Tatsu was a gangster, now he lives peacefully with his wife as a househusband. No gang knows that he is a househusband. If they knew that he was a househusband they will try to kill him. He has a very disturbing past, but these days he is happy as a househusband. Moreover, He is living an eccentric life with his wife. He has mastered all the delicious dishes and has become a master cook. Although he has come out of the gang, his gang members might come and say that they need him back. The anime has attracted fans all over the world. Further, The anime is fun, consists of comedy, and has an interesting storyline. People from all age groups can watch and enjoy the anime. Gokushufudou is an interesting anime for all age groups.

Gokushufudou 2nd Part: Everything We Know So Far

The anime has fans all over the world. Also, The graphics of the anime was criticized by the critics, but it seems that the fans are in love with the storyline and characters of the anime to bother about graphics. The creators of the anime have managed to include a second part of the series and fans loved it when they heard the news.

Further, The first part consists of only 5 episodes. And Netflix has confirmed that the Gokushufudou Second Part will be aired soon. Moreover, fans all over the world are excited and are eagerly awaiting the second part. The storyline is going to be similar to the first episode, where Tatsu will be doing household work and occasionally deals with the mafia.

Gokushufudou Second Part Reveals, Release Date, Cast, First Promo

Gokushufudou Second Part First Promo

The first promo was released and it was shown that Tatsu will be doing more cooking and alongside he will be dealing with the mafia. Although it doesn’t appear that he will go to the mafia as a full-time business. Further, It will be possible if he breaks up with her. Gokushufudou is getting worldwide attention because of its unique story.

Cast Of Gokushufudou

The main cast of Gokushufudou Second Part is as follows. Tatsu is a former Yakuza boss who applies his crime lord skills to household problems He is portrayed by Kenjiro Tsuda. Miku is the wife of Tatsu. She has a good work ethic and she wants to make name for herself in the fashion world. Moreover, She is portrayed by Maaya Sakamoto. Masa is an underling of Tatsu and he comes to help Tatsu in his household chores and he is portrayed by Kenichi Suzumura. Torajiro is a mafia boss. His gang was dismantled by Tatsu and is portrayed by Yoshimasa Hosoya.

Gokushufudou Second Part Reveals, Release Date, Cast, First Promo

Gokushufudou Second Part Release Date

Nobody knows the release date of the anime yet. The creators of the anime haven’t said anything about the release date of the anime. Netflix release dates are not accurate. Stay tuned to get updated on the release date of the second part of the anime.

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