The Beginning After The End Chapter 120 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

This time we are back with another Manga that has hyped up its avid readers. Yes! you read the title right The Beginning After The End Chapter 120 is coming up. To know more about this Manga’s upcoming chapter’s Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, and latest updates. Continue reading the article to the very end.


Let’s go through what the narrative of The Beginning After The End Chapter 120 is set in.

When it comes to power, riches, and reputation in a realm where martial prowess rules, King Grey is unbeatable. Others with enormous authority, on the other hand, are often surrounded by a sense of isolation. Underneath a mighty monarch’s glitzy veneer is a guy bereft of direction and will.

He has another possibility of living his life after being reborn into a whole new world that is full of mysticism and creatures. The task of detecting and correcting errors of his past, unfortunately, will not be his sole obstacle to overcome. It’s as though an underlying threatens to ruin whatever that he has worked for him so far, and he eventually wonders what his place would be in this different era.

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Following are some spoilers regarding the upcoming episode The Beginning After The End Chapter 120. In the upcoming episode-

  • It can be seen that Revenge could be the driving factor for the upcoming chapter as lance was the one deeply affected by Alea’s demise.
  • Another, the mysterious person who seemed to be a kind of a detective or investigator who was so powerful that his powers were out of par for Alea and the crew.
  • Further, the piece of clothing which was found seemed to arose many speculations regarding the ownership of the clothing. Thus, these can let too many things go haywire. the plot is supposed to take many twists and turn from here on.

Release Date of The Beginning After The End Chapter 120

Chapter 120 of Beginning After The End is set to release this coming Friday i.e. 10 th of September 2021. The episode will be releasing sharp at 9:00 Am PT (Pacific Time).

Where to read The Beginning After The End Chapter 120

the upcoming Chapter of The Beginning After The End will be directly available to its reader on’s platform. Here the readers of the manga can catch up with the previous release of the manga.

This was an article on the upcoming chapter of The Beginning After The End. We will be back with the latest updates and new releases from the Manga and much more.

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