What If Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, Discussion, Watch Online

What If Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, Discussion, Watch Online

Hey marvel fans, here is all that you need to know about Marvel What If Episode 5 and its release date. 

What If Episode 5 Release Date

The release date of What If Ep5 is out. The release date is announced to be on September 8, 2021. There are no plot details or synopsis released as of now. But, there was an article that said that Episode 5 might have God of Thunder in its prime focus. Also, the new episode is expected to revolve around Party Thor.

The new episode is to be released on Disney+. There are 9 episodes of What If that is scheduled to be released. Also, what if episode 5 has got its release date. Moreover, the other episodes of what if are expected to be out every week. Furthermore, it is being said that the series will also bounce back after the release of all the 9 episodes of what if. There are talks that state that the series is under process for another comeback that has its plot somewhere tied up to this series.

What If Episode 4 – Recap

Before moving further with What If Episode 5 details, let’s get a quick recap.

What if episode 4 was titled, What If Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands. This episode had a lot of heartbreaking emotional scenes. The release was on September 1, 2021. The story was centered around Doctor Strange. In episode 4, Doctor Strange’s love, Christine Palmer gets killed in a car accident.

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After the loss of Christine, Dr. Strange sets up on a mission to alter an event. And, with that event being altered, he can enter into dark magic and gets more power.

What If Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, Discussion, Watch Online

And, the ancient one splits up into 2 and tries to stop the evil attempts of Doctor Strange. Despite all the efforts by the ancient one and the good Stephen Strange, the plans of Doctor strange become successful. And, he clears up reality in the process. Let’s move on to know more about the upcoming What If Episode 5.

What Is What If All About?

Post-2020, there are been little to no marvel series on the screen. But, now we can see a good release of new films and shows. Marvel has come up with an animated series called What If. This is more of an interesting one. The plot of every episode speaks about the existential crisis. What if is more of a question of an alternate reality and is a perfect follow-up to the Loki series and the concept of the multiverse.

Well, this is a collection of stories. Therefore, every episode is spun on its own background.

Well, What If episode 5 release date is out. And, we are deeply happy to announce the other details circling around it. 

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