McDonald’s India Innovates Its Menu With ‘Turmeric Latte’, ‘Masala Kadak Chai’

McDonald's India Innovates Its Menu With'Turmeric Latte', And 'Masala Kadak Chai'

McDonald’s, the American fast-food company has once again made some interesting updates for their customers in India. Before this when McDonald’s launched itself in India, it changed the beef patties to potato patties. This step was taken after seeing the Indian’s preferences and the religious value of the cow. Now once again McDonald’s has added new items to their menu that will surely be preferred by a major population of India.

McDonald’s India Innovates Its Menu

Recently, McDonald’s announced a new addition to its beverage menu. The additions are ‘Turmeric Latte’ and ‘Masala Kadak Chai’ and both the beverages are available on Rs. 140 and 99 respectively.

The Westlife Development Limited has released a statement saying that the customers can even order the drinks following the measures of covid-19. It is the company that operates the McDonald’s restaurants in west and south India.

McDonald's India Innovates Its Menu With'Turmeric Latte', And 'Masala Kadak Chai'

‘Turmeric Latte’ And ‘Masala Kadak Chai’

The pandemic has everyone keeping their health on top and these beverages can help people do the same. McDonald’s has taken notice of people’s desi techniques to stay healthy and fit. According to them, the beverages are healthy and full of immunity. It includes Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Ginger that keeps the body healthy.

They have introduced the ‘Turmeric Latte’ as an innovative version of ‘Haldi Doodh’. It’s a drink that keeps a person healthy and helps to fight off the cold. On the other hand ‘Masala Kadak Chai’ is also upgraded with a latte texture and is has different herbs and spices. Both the drinks are inspired by the traditional beverages of India.

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McDonald's India Innovates Its Menu With'Turmeric Latte', And 'Masala Kadak Chai'

The Director of Marketing And Communications of Mcdonald’s, Arvind RP has stated that the innovations have been a continuous journey for Mcdonald’s. He also said that it is very exciting to introduce the new menu in the McCafé. Adding to this he said that many of the studies and research have highlighted the increase in the use of immunity-improving products. He mentioned that they also wanted to provide something relevant to customers’ choice so they added the items to the menu.

This surely represents the innovative marketing technique of Mcdonald’s. The fast-food company has always made sure to introduce the products that lure the customers towards them, be it kids, youngsters, or elders. The latest addition to the menus of Mcdonalds will surely attract the people who love  Mcdonalds and are health conscious as well.

McDonald’s has also taken major steps towards maintaining hygiene and following the leftovers to maintain the safety of their customers and employees.


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