McDonald’s To Introduce McPlant Burgers In UK And Ireland; Updates Alert!

McDonald's To Introduce McPlant Burgers In UK And Ireland; Updates Alert!

Are you a burger fan? Well, that might be a stop to you if you are a vegan. But, here is the good news for all vegan burger lovers. McDonald’s is about to introduce vegan burgers. Exciting, isn’t it? And, we also know that McDonald’s already gave its try on vegan burgers. But this time, it is completely vegan, with no other ingredients used. Want to know how? Keep reading.

McDonald’s To Introduce Vegan Burgers

McDonald’s is to introduce vegan burgers by this month. The new introduction is to be only released in UK and Ireland. As of now, we don’t know when the burgers will be introduced in the US or other parts of the world. This giant burger-producing company has said that they would release McPlant burgers that would be developed with plant-based ingredients.

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Plant-Based McPlant Burger

The McPlant Burger is to be made from a plant-based patty and they would use a vegan Sesame bun instead of the usual bun. The cheese is also vegan. Moreover, they plan on using a vegan topping along with the vegan sauce. The patty and the cheese are expected to be made with pea protein.

These burgers would be in separate plants that would not manufacture the other burgers from this Chicago-based Burger giant. Also, the makers say that they would use separate utensils entirely dedicated to the making of the burger. Furthermore, these burgers would be released in only 10 stores initially which would later be raised up to 250.

Brand New McPlant

Furthermore, we need to note that there were vegan recipes as a part of the menu already. But they were not of entire vegan ingredients. But, this time, McDonald’s has come up with an entirely vegan burger properly acclaimed by the vegetarian society. Moreover, these burgers are only to be released in UK and Ireland initially. And, the introduction of these vegan plant-based burgers would happen somewhere around 2022.

McDonald's To Introduce McPlant Burgers In UK And Ireland; Updates Alert!

Previously McDonald’s also partnered with El Segundo, which is a California-based company. This partnership was made in February. The company together also tried and tested McPlant burgers in Denmark, Sweden, and Austria. But, they couldn’t make it completely vegan. Besides, the sandwich wasn’t vegan. Moreover, the cheese and mayonnaise they used were also not vegan, they were the regular ones.

But, this time, McDonald’s is sure to release McPlant burgers, that is very much vegan. Together with, it is a huge threat to all the vegans in UK and Ireland. Wow! It would be amazing to have them released worldwide!!

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