Apple Car Project With Toyota: Release Date, Features, Rumors

Apple car project with Toyota : release date, features, Rumors

Is Apple secretly working with Toyota regarding its all-new iCar? Here is all that you need t ko to know about the rumors that are all over the internet. 

Apple In Partnership With Toyota

The rumors say that Apple is partnering with Toyota in producing a new car. And, this car is rumored to release by 2024. Previously, Apple representatives met with LG last month. Lately, there are talks that this giant iPhone Maker is in talks with Toyota for their new Apple car project.

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Project Titan

Since 2014, Apple has been working under a project called, Project Titan. Also, reports said that Apple was initially in talks with Hyundai with regards to the new car project. This is going to be Apple’s first-ever electric car. Though initially there were talks that the new car was to be built with the assistance of Hyundai, presently things are different. Legends have it that the new car might be built with Toyota’s assistance.

Launch Of Project Titan

Moreover, this new car is expected to hit the markets somewhere around 2025. This new car is rumored to have LiDAR technology. Also, there might be Artificial intelligence clipped along the car with its functions. Moreover, this car might have a LED screen all over the vehicle. This is to inform the drivers about the self-driving that the car is doing.

Apple car project with Toyota : release date, features, Rumors

The patent for project titan is out. And, that is also approved and granted by US Patent and Trademark Office. Furthermore, the patent is titled to be Exterior Lighting And Warning system.

Rumors About Project Titan

Lately, there have been talks that Apple has abandoned the making of the new car. But, we are still not sure about it as nothing is official as of now. But, according to all that we know, there are talks about the making of the new car as sooner as it can. Moreover, the partnership talks are also widely out. Though there are talks, we don’t know more about anything as nothing is official as of now.

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