Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, Watch Online

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, Watch Online

Pokemon 2019 is one of the longest anime. Let’s get you all the details regarding the Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, And Where To Watch.

It has fans all over the world. It has an epic storyline that has captivated the viewers. In the Kanto region, Satoshi gets invited to professor Yukinari’s lab. The professor gets a call that a rare pokemon has arrived at Vermillion harbor. Satoshi along with other Pokemon trainers go the Vermillion city to get a glimpse of the rare pokemon. At the harbor, they find Lugia a legendary pokemon in battle with other trainers.

Satoshi looks at other trainers’ tactics and he leaps onto Lugia’s back with another boy Gou. Lugia takes Satoshi and Gou to the seashore. They fall on the ground and bid their farewell to Lugia and come to Sakuragi institute. Gou and Satoshi team up on a journey and find many interesting Pokemon including pokemon which can Gigantamax.

The Recap Of Pokemon 2019 Episode 80

Before moving further onto Pokemon 2019 Episode 81, let’s get a quick recap.

The episode begins with Kyon looking at a pokemon whom he freed. The pokemon looks at the helicopter in which Kyon is flying and says thanks to him. Back at the adventure of Gou and Satoshi, Gou receives a new mission to follow and is excited about it. He gets the offer of choosing a pokemon and he can choose any pokemon he wants. The mission is to capture pokemon Ugamor which is at a new place.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, Watch Online

Satoshi and Gou are happy hearing mission since they can help a pokemon. The professor sends them off and has given enough instructions for them to be successful in the mission. Ugamor pokemon is one of the rarest animals and it has golden feathers which makes it beautiful to look at. The pokemon is near the volcano and they need to find it there. If you want to know the spoilers of Pokemon 2019 Episode 81, keep reading.

Spoilers of Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

There are no official spoilers of the series. But from what we can speculate we can say that Satoshi and Gou will be successful. The story is getting exciting where they will be sent on different missions and they need to complete the missions. After finding the golden feather pokemon and bringing it to the lab, Satoshi will be given his mission. Although bringing the golden feathered Pokemon will be difficult in itself, Gou needs to be successful in that. To know more about the release date of Pokemon 2019 Episode 80, keep reading.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, Watch Online

Release Date Of Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 will be released on 17th September 2021. The anime is popular all over the world. The anime is very attractive and has fans all over the world. It is currently airing its 23rd season. It is going to be interesting to watch the next episode. The fans are eagerly waiting for the 81st episode.

Trailer of Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

The official trailer of Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 is not released yet. There are many fan trailers that are not accurate enough to be included. Stay connected so that you’ll be updated as soon as the trailer will be released.

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