Will There Be Berserk Chapter 365? Release Date, Read Online

Will There Be Berserk Chapter 365? Release Date, Read Online

Berserk Chapter 364 has after a very long delay. Fans were excited about the latest chapter for which they have waited 8 months patiently. Unfortunately, the original creator of the manga Kentaro Miura has passed away. Chapter 364 is said to be the last chapter he has worked on which was eventually completed by his assistant. Although it is unclear if this will be the last chapter or we will have Berserk Chapter 365. After the death of the author, opinions are divided on this matter. Some fans believe that this will be the final chapter while others expect his assistant to continue the manga as Miura would have wanted. Nonetheless, Chapter 364 is coming out. This article will talk about whether there will be a Berserk Chapter 365 or not?

Berserk Chapter 364 Recap

Before moving further onto Berserk Chapter 365, let’s get a quick recap.

Chapter 364 of the manga was Released after almost 8 months. These were the last drawn pages of Kentaro Miura. His assistant from Studio Gaga completed his final work. Berserk is one of the most popular manga.

Chapter 364 was titled “A Tear Like Morning Dew“. In this, Moonlight Boys appears in Elfhelm. When Guts asks him why is he here, he climbs and sits on his shoulder. When Guts carries the child to his companions, Schierke assumes him to be Flower Strom Monarch. But immediately after that, real Flower Storm Monarch, Danan arrives. Guts then ask his teammates to take the kid to Casca. Upon seeing Casca, the boy leapt to her. Casca remembers the kid as “Elaine” and embraces him back. Danan infers that the boy is not an ordinary kid, and he has no evil intent. She gives some more facts to confirm his theory to others.

Will There Be Berserk Chapter 365? Release Date, Read Online
Berserk Chapter 365

The Next Day…

The next morning, we see Danan and Gurus examine the boy spending time with Casca and others. They deduce that his behaviour the is same as a normal kid and harbors no ill will. Although they will be keeping an eye kn him. Meanwhile Guts in his armour trains. He uses Dragonslayer and also hones his accuracy with knives. The Moonlight boy appears in front of him. Guts play with him and then send him to Casca again.

Plot Twist

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At night Casca rests with the boy. But she analyzes that she knows the boy before her meeting the previous day too. He looks just the same as he was before. She also remembers something far more shocking and terrifying about “Elaine” which wakes her. She turn and found the boy is not there. Casca found him outside sitting and facing Guts. Soon the boy turns into a mature figure and reveals himself to be “Griffith”.

Berserk Chapter 365 Latest News and Details

Will There Be Berserk Chapter 365? Release Date, Read Online

As mentioned already, there hasn’t been any announcement from Young Animal about Berserk Manga. After Chapter 364, many believe that the manga won’t continue. But tee can’t be certain about anything. Fans except that Assistant of Author Kentaro Miura and Young Animal would continue the manga. But these are mere speculations, the fate of the manga is expected to be decided soon. As soon as we have any other update about the Berserk Manga we will be sure to update you.

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date And Read Online

In case, Berserk returns with the new Chapter, which we don’t expect to be happening anytime soon, we will update our readers. Till now, Chapter 365 has not been announced. The release date will be conveyed upon confirmation. Fans can Read Chapter 364 and all the other previous chapters of the manga on Shonen Jump and Mangamo. If you wish you can purchase the manga Volume on Amazon, available in different formats. Additionally you can find the manga at some other sources too, but we request our readers to use only trusted and legal sources.

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