OCN’s Bad Guys 2014 k-drama Release Date, Plot, Watch Online

OCN's Bad Guys 2014 k-drama Release Date, Plot, Watch Online

Are you a big fan of Bad Guys 2014? Well, if you are wondering where to watch then here we go! Well well, the newbies are also welcome! We have the plot for you! Keep reading! 

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What Is Bad Guys 2014 All About?

This is one good k-drama that falls under the action, thriller genre. Moreover, this drama is being directed by Shin Yong Hwi and is broadcasted by OCN. The release of Bad Guys happened in 2014. Wondering whether or not to watch it? If you love crime drama, then you must give this a shot.

The plot is about the life of a detective Oh Goo Tak. He also has a gang of guys called the bad boys. So the story has a plotline that aims in saving the city. The chief asks this detective to form a gang of his own to knock down all the criminals of the place. Also, Oh Goo Tak is known to use very harsh methods to find his criminals. Therefore, according to the chief’s order, he forms a gang of bad guys which also has Park Woong Cheol who is a notorious gangster. The story is pretty simple though! Will he, along with his group be able to take down all the dangerous criminals in town and restore peace? Watch the episodes to know more.

Where To Watch Bad Guys 2014?

You can watch bad guys on Netflix. This crime thriller has 11 episodes. Moreover, every episode has showtime of 60 minutes. So, if you need to watch all the videos, all that you need to do is a subscription to Netflix! Also, you can watch them with a variety of subtitles. So, there you go! Get yourself a subscription, and watch at the freedom of your own couch! Oh yes, binge-watch them all.

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The Cast Of Bad Guys

This series Bad Guys 2014 has a good review not only because of the plot but also due to the star cast that it has. This drama has Kim Sang Joon, Park Hae Jin, Jo Dong Hyuk, Ma Dong Seok, Kang Ye Won as their main leads. The other cast includes Kang Shin Il, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Byung Chun, Min Ji Ah, Kim Hye Yoon.

So here we took a glimpse of the storyline and where to watch it. You have everything know! It’s time for you to watch all the episodes of Bad Guys – Now! 

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