Painter of the Night Chapter 80 Release Date, Plot, Where To Read

Painter of the Night Chapter 80 Release Date, Plot, Where To Read

Painter of the Night Chapter 80 will be part of Season 3 of the Famous BL-Style Manhwa. ( Unofficial Reading link below)  Although, it was expected to come out in August 2021. But now we are in September and there hasn’t been any announcement of the release date. That’s sad news for all the fans of the comic book out there. Fans loved the series and were looking forward to the next season. This Manhua was written and illustrated by Byeonduck wrote and Lezhin Comics published it. This is an ongoing manhwa. In this article, we will talk about when we can expect the release of Chapter 80 and what to expect from it.

Painter of the Night Plot

Before moving on to Painter of the Night Chapter 80, let’s get a quick plot.

Na Kyum is an exceptionally talented young painter, expertise in erotic images featuring men. He has published several of his collections under a pseudonym, however, he decides to call it a quit on his painting career.  Seungho is a foreign man belonging to the nobility. He takes a liking to one of Na Kyum’s paintings. He orders his assistant to find the painter. When he meets Na Kyum, he investigates if he is the painter. To this, Na Kyum denies. Seungho punishes his assistant for his incompetence. Na Kyum loses his senses witnessing this. As a result, Seungho took him to his place and took care of him. Seungho is famous for his insatiable lust, thus he forces Na Kyum to be his artist. But this was nothing compared to what he faced during nights.

Painter of the Night Chapter 80 Release Date, Plot, Where To Read


Before moving further onto Painter of the Night Chapter 80 release date, let’s get a quick recap.

Every villager was looking for a man going by “No-Name”. When Seungho arrives there everyone bows to him. There he finds Na Kyum who was trembling with fear. Though Na Kyum does not realize it was Seungho, he asked to free him. Seungho frees him and smiles. He makes himself visible to him. Na Kyum then relaxed and embraced him. On the other hand, No-Name along with Jihwa and Min hide inside a storeroom. They have organized a meeting to plan their course of action from now on. Season 2 ended with this in Chapter 77.

Painter of The Night Chapter 80 Release Date

As of now, Season 3 of the Manga is still due to get a release date. Neither the author nor the writers have confirmed the exact date for the release. Fans expected the manhwa to return in August, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The delay in announcement means a delay in the release of new chapters. Without any official announcement, it’s hard to predict the release date for Chapter 80. Although we expect to hear from the author soon.

Painter of the Night Chapter 80 Where to Read

To read Painter Of The Night online, you can use  THIS LINK. The Manhwa was released in 2019  and since then Lezhin is distributing it. Although Chapter 80 is yet to come out but till then you can read all the previous chapter on the above mentioned site. If you haven’t read it yet, then you can read it from there.

Painter of the Night FAQ

1. When did Painter of the Chapter 1 come out?

Painter of the Night Chapter 1 released on 14 May, 2019.

2. How many Chapters are there in Painter of the Night?

There are a total of 78 Chapters (76 main chapters) as of now.

3. Has Painter of the Night ended?

No, the Manhwa is still ongoing.

4. Where can I Read Painter of the Night?

Lezhin comics publishes the Comic book. You can read it on their official site.

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