Bite Me Episode 4 (2021) Thai-drama Release Date, Plot, Cast Updates

Bite Me is a drama series.  It is one of the newest drama series. Let’s get you all the details regarding Bite Me Episode 4 (2021) Thai-drama Release Date, Plot, Cast Updates.

The story revolves around Aek who is a delivery boy who has extraordinary cooking skills. Chef Aue who is the runner-up of The chef master could not win against the champion. He fails to discover what he is missing. Moreover, He meets Aek who figures out what the missing piece is.

He is very good at cooking and astonishes Aue with his cooking skills. The series has become a favorite of fans. If you are interested in cooking shows then Bite Me is going to be an interesting watch. Further, The series has become a huge hit in Thailand and also in the rest of the world. If you are here to know more details of Bite Me Episode 4, then keep reading.

The Plot Of Bite Me

The plot of Bite Me is interesting and if you are a foodie then you will definitely fall in love with the series. Aue is a talented chef with good cooking skills. His restaurant is very popular among foodies. He has a good name in the cooking industry. Once in Chef Master, he fails to beat the chef champion, and also he fails to figure out how the chef champion came up with the dish. The series going to consists of friendly rivalry between chefs of different restaurants.

Bite Me Episode 4 (2021) K-drama Release Date, Plot, Cast Updates

Aek a delivery boy once comes to Aue’s restaurant and he discovers the missing ingredient of chef champion. This astonishes Aue who gives Aek to come and join his restaurant. Aek feels honored and joins the restaurant. He together with Aue invents different dishes and the restaurant becomes very famous. To know the release date of Bite Me Episode 4, keep reading.

Cast Members Of Bite Me

The series is a hit among Thai drama fans. Moreover, The critics have applauded the cast members for putting up a good series. The storyline of the series is very good and also the actors have done their job very nicely. Further, The writer of the story Sammon has been applauded by both critics and also the viewers of the series. The director of the series is David Bergander. Also, The story revolves around Aue and Aek, who are played by Mark Siwat and Zung Kidakarn respectively. They are the main role of the series. The release date of Bite Me Episode 4 is given below.

Bite Me Episode 4 (2021) K-drama Release Date, Plot, Cast Updates

Release Date Of Bite Me Episode 4

The series is a hit among food lovers as each episode consists of new dishes which are delicious to watch. Moreover, The Bite Me Episode 4 will be released on 19th September 2021. The fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to air. Likewise, Those who have not watched any episodes and are interested to watch them can watch them on Rakuten Viki. The series has become popular even though only 3 episodes are released yet.

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