The Veil Episode 1 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Eng Sub, Netflix, Watch Online

The Veil Episode 1 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Eng Sub, Netflix, Watch Online

The Veil is an upcoming Korean Mystery Thriller Drama. Kim Sung, the famous director behind My Healing Love, has directed the show. The Veil Episode 1 is will be releasing this week. Additionally, a 90 seconds teaser trailer was launched which gave us a glimpse of the mysteries and actions that we will be witnessing in the show. The impending drama will feature Namkoong Min and Park Seok Ho. Namkoong Min will be portraying a top field Agent from NIS, who reappears after someone kidnaps him and held him hostage for almost a year. In this article, we will provide you with every detail you need. So scroll down and read the complete article so that you won’t miss any detail.

The Veil Korean Drama Plot

Let’s talk about the plot of The Veil Episode 1. The show will focus on the life of Han Ji Hyuk played by Namkoong Min. He is an elite field agent working for National Intelligence Service. Further, One day he was assigned a case to find out about a crime syndicate, however, he gets trapped during the operation.

After One year, he returned from that hell where he was brutally Tortured. Soon He gets several warnings about not trusting anyone. Nonetheless, he is hell-bent on finding the traitor who was behind this. Han Ji Hyuk had maintained a perfect record till now, However, will he be able to add another one to his perfect list. Moreover, Who was the mastermind behind his disappearance and what does he want with Han Ji Hyuk is what forms the story of the show.

The Veil Episode 1 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Eng Sub, Netflix, Watch Online

The Veil Kdrama Cast

The Veil Episode 1 Main Cast of the show:

  • Namkoong Min as Han Ji-hyuk- Best NIS field agent. He is admired by his colleagues.
  • Park Ha-sun as Seo Soo-Yeon – She is the head of the Criminal Information Integration Center.
  • Kim Ji-Eun as Yoo Je-Yi – Ji-Hyuk’s partner.

Moreover, Supporting Cast for The Veil:

  • Jang Young-nam as Do Jin-sook
  • Kim Jong-tae [ko] as Kang Pil-ho
  • Kim Do-hyun as Ha Dong-gyun
  • Park Jin-woo as Cha Min-Chul
  • Kwon So-hyun as Goo Hyo-eun
  • Lee Geung-young as Lee In-hwan
  • Kim Min-sang [ko] as Jung Yong-Tae
  • Kim Byung-ki as Bang Young-chan
  • Yu Oh-Seong as Seong Mo-sa

The Veil Episode 1 Release Date

The Veil Ep1 will air on 17th September 2021. Also, The show is all set to have a total of 12 episodes airing Fridays and Saturdays every week. The Veil is marked as “MBC’s 60th-anniversary special project”. Each episode will run for about 70-80 min.

The Veil Episode 1 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Eng Sub, Netflix, Watch Online

The Veil Ep1 Release Time

The show will release at 10:00 PM Local Time. Further, The airing time will differ depending on your geographical location. So be sure to check the release date and time from where you are.

The Veil Episode 1 Watch Online

Korean viewers can watch Episode 1 and other subsequent episodes directly on the MBC network on Saturday and Sunday each week at the above-mentioned date and Time. However, for International viewers, there hasn’t been any announcement of whether the show will be available on any streaming site or not. Moreover, We expect to hear about it soon. The show might be made available on Rakuten Viki or Netflix after the release.

Is The Veil Episode 1 Eng Sub Available?

We don’t know about that yet. But if The Veil, will be made available on any streaming site then it will be available with English subtitles.

The Veil Episode 1 Release Date, Plot and Where to Watch Online Esub

Is The Veil Ep1 on Netflix?

Is The Veil Episode 1 available on Netflix? Sadly, the answer is No. Furthermore, The show is not available on Netflix as of now. But Netflix might acquire the rights after the release of the show as it has done that previously too. So we expect it to be available on Netflix after the release of all 12 episodes.

The Veil K-drama Trailer

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