Free Fire (FF) x Venom, Garena Free Fire’s Latest Collaboration?

Free Fire (FF) x Venom, Garena Free Fire's Latest Collaboration?

FF x Venom is rumored to be the latest collaboration from Free Fire which will soon be released according to growing rumors. Of course this is exciting news for Free Fire players who have been waiting for the latest collaboration from Garena.

As we already know that Free Fire does very often hold various collaborations with various films and famous figures. And now the latest news is that Garena will soon inaugurate the latest Free Fire collaboration with one of the Spider-Man villains, Venom.

Aside from being an enemy of Spider-Man, Venom is also one of the villains in the Marvel Comics world. Venom itself is a monster or alien who came to earth via a meteor. It is a parasitic monster with savage and terrifying power.

it’s the same as several past collaborations such as FF x Attack on Titan, where before being officially announced by Garena, there were many rumors circulating about the collaboration. And now it’s the turn of the collaboration between Free Fire x Venom, which has become a hot rumor among Free Fire players.

Garena itself has yet to confirm or provide information regarding this latest collaboration. But now there are many game media that have reviewed this collaboration between Free Fire and Venom. It is very likely that this collaboration will actually happen in the near future.

Regarding the time when this collaboration will be released, until now there is still no exact information. But according to widely circulated rumors, the collaboration between Free Fire x Venom will take place in October 2021. There is no definite date when the collaboration will take place.

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