High Class Episode 5 (2021) Release Date, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Watch Online

High Class Episode 5 (2021) Release Date, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Watch Online

High Class Episode 5 is ready to release. Read the article to know about the release date and all the spoilers for the next episode of the show.

High Class is a 2021 South Korean mystery thriller suspense drama. The show premiered on September 6, 2021, on tvN and airs on every Monday and Tuesday in a week. The show broadcasts on tvN at 10:30 PM. It depicts the lifestyle of top, rich and high-class women of South Korea. The story follows Song Yeo ul. She is framed for her husband’s death and has lost everything after that. There are some other characters as well that includes Nam Ji Seon a star mother. A Hwang Nayoon and Danny a hockey teacher.


Before moving on to High Class Episode 5, let’s get you a recap.

The show has shown the struggles of Song Yeo ul to overcome from the death of the husband. One day she and her family were enjoying their time on a yacht but the time son ended up being the horrible night the7 will never forget. Song Yeo ul’s husband was founded dead in the morning in the water. She moves to Jeju island to have a new start but ends up being haunted by a creepy past. She also starts getting different clues about her husband’s death.

High Class Episode 5 (2021) Release Date, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Watch Online

In the previous episode, it was revealed that Hwang Nayoon was the one who locked Yi Chan in the locker. She did so cause she wanted to frame Song Yeo ul for this and the same happened. Nayoon previously had a relationship with Ji-young, song Yeo ul’s husband. We also see that there are chances that Nayoon might be Ji young’s mistress but nothing is confirmed yet.

Ahn Ji Yong had many secrets that Song Yeo ul didn’t know herself. There is still no information on Ahn Ji Yong’s death MD many believe that he can still be alive and has hacked his death. We also see Nam Ji Seon, and her relationship with Ahn Ji Yong is still not clear. Lets move on to release date.

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High Class Episode 5 (2021) Kdrama Release Date, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Watch Online

Spoiler High Class Episode 5 

In the next episode, we can see more about what was the relationship between Ahn Ji Yong and Nayoon. There is still no confirmation about Nam Ji Seon’s role in Ahn Ji Yong’s life. We can see more of it too. And many believe that because any youngs body is yet to be found he might have faked his death to get ways with everything.

High Class Episode 5 Release Date 

High-Class Episode 5 is on schedule and will be released on September 20, 2021. The show has not brought out any delayed news regarding the release of new episodes. So we can see the next episode by Monday. People outside Korea can get access to the episode by the next day or after a few hours of the broadcast.

Where To Watch High Class Episode 5 

High Class will air on tvN and can be released on another streaming platform after the release. There is no confirmation of the show will be available on any other streaming platform. There are chances that the show will be available on Netflix once released. Many Korean dramas have made an appearance on Netflix after their release. We will keep you update if any information about this comes out. High Class Episode 5 will be available once it’s released.


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