The Veil Episode 3 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Ratings, Watch Online

The Veil Episode 3 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Ratings, Watch Online

The veil was released on September 17, 2021. And, here we have the updates about The Veil episode 3 and its release date. So, keep reading to know more about this new series. 

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Stream It Or Skip It?

Every episode has a show time of 70 – 80 minutes, that is 1 hour 10 – 20 minutes. Woah, that’s a huge investment. So, I am sure you are not interested in investing that much time into it unless you know it’s worth it. So, here we go. This series was a much-awaited one. And, if you go with the ratings by MyDramaList, then you need to give this a green light.  This Kdrama has around in the rating score. Now, that is interesting, isn’t it? So yes, go ahead, grab a watch! Lets move on to The Veil Episode 3 release date and plot.

The Veil – Plot

This is a newly released Korean Drama series. And, in this series, we find that the main character is Han Ji Hyuk. And, the star cast is played by Namkoong Min. The story travels through the life of Han Ji Hyuk. He is an elite field agent. Moreover, Han Ji Hyuk works for the National Intelligence Service. And, the story begins when he is assigned a case. The case is about a crime syndicate. But, as he is about to unfurl the mystery in the case, he finds himself caught in the way.

The Veil Episode 3 (2021) Release Date, Plot, Ratings, Watch Online

In the course, he is tortured and he comes back from the place. Well, the torture was very cruel and he suffered hell there. Further, he gets more warnings telling him that he should not trust strangers. But, that did not stop him from finding the traitor who was behind all of these that happened to him. Besides, Han Ji Hyuk had a very clear slate in the records, therefore he needs to find this to keep it that way. So, there lies the entire potential of the story. Who is the mystery man? What is the back story?

Therefore, we here have the ratings for the k-drama. Well yes, there is the green light. So, the only wait is for the release of The Veil Episode 3.

The Veil Episode 3 Release Date

The release date of Veil episode 3 is out. The new addition to this Korean series is scheduled to happen by September 24, 2021. And, this series was released on September 17, 2021. Moreover, there is only 1 season as of now. We will update you more about it as we get more details.

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You can watch the new episode of The veil on Rakuten Viki. Moreover, this is a very interesting project and is also called MBC’s special project. With that being said, we can expect every episode to cap for at least 70 – 80 minutes.

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