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World Trigger Chapter 214 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

World Trigger Chapter 214 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

World Trigger is a Japanese manga. Let’s get you all details of World Trigger Chapter 214 regarding the release date, raw scans, spoilers, and read online.

World Trigger is a very popular manga among teens. World trigger is famous because of its unique storytelling. The story revolves around Osamu Mikumo who is one of the guards who is protecting Earth from aliens. When a gate from another world opens here on earth, beings called neighbors to come to earth and start destroying the planet.

Moreover, To combat them a special force called Border Defence Agency is set up which successfully wins the war against neighbors. The defense agency uses weapons called triggers to fight the enemies. Also,  The weapon triggers can be only used in the area where neighbors are present. But. Osamu once uses the trigger in a different area to save a high school student.

Raw Scans Of World Trigger

The raw scans of the series are not released yet. No one knows exactly;y when will the raw scans will appear. One can speculate that the raw scans will be available by 30th September. There are not many changes in the original and modified manga. In the raw scans of World Trigger Chapter 214, Yuuma Kuga teams up with his friends to fight against aliens. He is training classes on how to use triggers. Moreover, He has a special ability to kill aliens since he is a humanoid. Also, World trigger is a popular manga series. Further, It has been critically acclaimed as a very good manga. The fans are eagerly waiting for the new chapter.

World Trigger Chapter 214 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

Spoilers Of World Trigger Chapter 214

There are no official spoilers released yet. Although one can speculate that the Yuuma Kuga and his gang will continue training in harsh circumstances. Also, there are certain areas where neighbors can appear. And those areas are blocked by the government. Further, Since the normal weapons don’t have any effect on the neighbors, the government will be developing new weapons.

World Trigger Chapter 214 Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

Although it has been many years, the neighbors are still appearing from another world. Osamu Mukumo is the one who knows the abilities of Yuuma Kuga and he tarins him, to become one of the best of BDA. To know more about the release date of World Trigger Chapter 214, keep reading.

Release Date Of World Trigger Chapter 214

The World Trigger Chapter 214 will be released on October 3rd, 2021. The official name of the chapter has not been released. The fans are eagerly waiting for the new chapter to be released. Moreover, manga is a hit globally due to its interesting take on alien fights. Furthermore, It’s one of the best action manga out there. Those who have not read any chapters can start reading at Viz media.

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