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Hometown Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, What To Expect, Watch Online

Hometown Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, What To Expect, Watch Online

Hometown has released the trailer for the show and has everyone waiting for hometown episode 1. Read the article to know everything about it.

Hometown is a South Korean mystery thriller. The show is ready to release soon. As the teaser for the show come out, everyone is excited about the show. It stars Choi Hyung-In    Jo Jung-Hyun    Jo Kyung-Ho as lead. The release date of the show is out and if you want to know more about it, read the whole article to know more. Let’s get to know more about Hometown Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, What To Expect, Watch Online.

Hometown Plot

Hometown is a show based in 1999. The show follows the people involved in a terrorist attack. The culprit and the victims both. It focuses on the life of  Choi Hyung In, Jo Jung Hyun, and Jo kyung ho. 


Choi hyung in, who is a detective, lost his wife in a terrorist attack that took place 10 years ago. He has not been able to overcome the death of his wife. One day when he is put uncharged to solve a murder case, he straight connecting dots on how the murder is related to the terrorist attack in which his wife died. 

The second main character Jo Jung hyun had a hard life after her brother was arrested for a terrorist attack. She was named as a family member of a terrorist. But she is able to recover from all this with the presence of her niece. Lastly, the show follows Jo Kyung ho, a man who released sarin gas at the train station and then surrendered himself to the police. He has been in prison ever since, after receiving the life imprisonment sentence. Lets move on to know more about Hometown Episode 1.

Hometown Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, What To Expect, Watch Online


Hometown E1 What To Expect

Hometown episode 1 is ready to come out and as the trailer is representing an interesting plotline for the show,  we can expect it to be thrilling. The first episode will definitely be an episode where mostly we will be introduced to the characters. And the base for the whole story will be made. In the teaser we see Jo Jung Hyun looking for her niece who is missing. As the character of Jo Jung Hyun, for whom her niece is everything, she will struggle to find her niece in the show. We also see Choi hyung in and Jo Jung Hyun still suffering from the incidents that took place years ago. 

Hometown Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, What To Expect, Watch Online

We also see on the teaser someone saying it relates to that. It can be most probably Choi hyung in who is coordinating everything that is taking place with his wife’s murder and the terrorist attack. We also see Jo Kyung ho saying that it requires a lot to experiment and there are chances that the gas he released on the train station can also be a part of an experiment as he studied hard in Japan before that incident.  Whatever, we surely see a lot of toast and turns in the show. So stay with us for more updates on the show. 

Hometown Episode 1 Release Date

Hometown E1 is ready to release and will premiere this week only. The show will air twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday. The time for the airing is 10:30. The show will premiere this Wednesday, September 22, 2021. This is all we have for now. There is still no update about the show being available to the international audience. 

Hometown Episode 1 Where To Watch

Hometown ep1 will start airing on tvN from September 22. The show will be available for audiences once it airs in South Korea. There are possibilities that the show will be available on TVING, the official website of tvN for their shows. 

Stay connected with the global coverage for more updates.

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