Is Pfizer Vaccine Safe For Children Aged 5-11 | FDA Statement On The Vaccine

Is Pfizer Vaccine Safe For Children Aged 5-11 | FDA Statement On The Vaccine

Good news! Good news! We have details about a vaccine that shows the proper response in children. Here is all that you need to know about the vaccine. 

The world is slowly getting back to normalcy, all thanks to the available vaccine. Though we are vaccinated and encourage our peers to also get their jabs done, we are nowhere safe for kids. The vaccines for children are under testing, therefore our kids are not immune to the virus. But, we do have some details about the Pfizer vaccine that develops immune responses in kids.

The Pfizer Vaccine

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine seems to be the light for our kids. Kids aged 5 to 11 years were tested and the vaccine shows to be effective. Plus, this news was announced by the company itself. But, the tests are still under trial but they are yet FDA approved. The vaccine has to be completely tested and approved. and, BioTech says that this might happen by the end of October.

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The actual need for a vaccine is high. Moreover, the delta variant is very strong and contagious. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to get the kids vaccinated against the virus. If everything goes smooth, kids might get their shots done by this October end.

 Pfizer Vaccine For Kids Younger Than 5

Though we have the vaccine for kids above 5, the trial results for the ones below 5 won’t be coming up anytime sooner. Dr. Bill, a senior at Pfizer says that the vaccine might only get its approval by q4. And, that is the same time where you can expect the results for the Moderna vaccine to reach us.

The Trial Results

Regarding the vaccines that are present right now, we have only got the insights from Pfizer. But, we don’t know the detailed view of the research. Therefore, we need to wait until there is detailed data about the vaccine trials. Also, these findings have to be peer-reviewed or published.

Is Pfizer Vaccine Safe For Children Aged 5-11 | FDA Statement On The Vaccine

Dr. Kristin Oliver, a pediatrician says that this news about the vaccine for kids is sure to give a sigh of relief to a lot of parents. Also, they have been waiting for this for a very long time. But before authorizing the vaccine, the FDA needs to carefully study the data to see if anything has been missed by Pfizer.

Pfizer Vaccine Safe For Children Aged 5-11

The vaccine is the only lifesaver right now. And, the delta virus has created greater havoc. Now, the only thing we are looking forward to is the vaccines. Moreover, children are at a very lower risk of getting the virus through being exposed. Yet, there are a few children who are at a very high risk of getting affected. Moreover, they can lead them to life-threatening conditions.

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