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Justin Trudeau’s liberals are expected to form a minority government. The news has circulated the internet after there were talks about the tight election race. 

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Justin Trudeau Liberals To Form Government

According to CBC News reports, Justin Trudeau’s liberal party might form a minority government. Also, it is expected that the minority party will get most of the seats in the elections. But, there might be a small lack of the 170-seat threshold. A 170-seat threshold is very important for a majority.

Justin Trudeau Liberals

The election results are not yet announced and there are hopes that the announcement of the result will happen by Tuesday. According to the news let out by CBC, liberal candidates were leading in 152 electoral districts. But, as there are ballots mails to also be counted, the results will be let out only by Tuesday says CBC.

Also,  Trudeau, as a part of pushing up the elections wanted to let people know about his works in the pandemic. He asks his voters to know about the pandemic and the country’s fight against it. But, he failed to convince conversationalists of the reason for conducting an election in the midst of the pandemic.

The Liberals

The liberals won 157 seats in the last elections that were held in 2019. But, the threshold to be a majority is 170 seats. Daniel Beland says that the results are pretty much the same as the October 2019 elections. Therefore, the chances are the same again. Well, the liberal might again remain in power but as a minority government. Moreover,r since the results match the same as the October elections there are chances that the parliament is similar as it used to be.

Also, as the pandemic is happening, most of the Canadians were against the elections. But, somehow they are still happening. Further, we clearly notice that there are not many changes with the government.

The Elections

Though there were raising questions about the pandemic, the election campaign took place. And, the campaign was more concerned about COVID-related stuff including vaccines. Though the opposition party slammed Trudeau regarding concerns over the fourth wave, the election did take place. Moreover, Trudeau also faced some angry protesters who said that all the Canadians had a free choice to pick the right choice for the country and move further. Also, they think that the conservatives will take them back.

According to the reports of the election by CBC, both Trudeau and O’Toole were elected in their own provinces. And, the chances of the liberals winning most of the seats are high. But, the chances of them winning a majority is low.

The elections are spicing up, and we have got you covered with all the details that you would be interested in knowing. 

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