Love in Black Hole Ep5 (2021) K-drama Release Date, Cast, Watch Online

Love in Black Hole Ep5 (2021) K-drama Release Date, Cast, Watch Online

Korean drama wave is taking all over the world. The new release Love in the black hole is its example. The show will be releasing Love in Black Hole Ep5 soon. Let’s get you all the details regarding the Love in Black Hole Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Watch online

Love in Black Hole About

Love in a black hole is a Korean drama series which is also known as Leobeu in Beullaeghol or Reobeu in Beullaeghol. The show follows romance, Sci-fi, and fantasy. This is a South Korean drama consist of 12 episodes that started airing on September 10, 2021. Also, the show is supposed to run till October 16, 2021. Moreover, the show airs every Friday and Sunday on Tencent Video. Furthermore, the total time period of a run of this episode is 10 min. This is show is rated to be 7.6.

The story of love in a black hole revolves around- It tells the story that happens after EunHa received the letter of someone who likes her delivered through a white hole. Watch the show to know more.

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Love In Blackhole Cast

The show love in black hole presents Lee Han Gyul as Tae Yang (main role), along with Seola as Eun Ha (Main role), Lee Jae Yoon as Sung Woon (Main role), Doha as Hae Mung (Main role), Ki Hee Hun as Anna (Main role), and Moon So in as Joo Sun (Eun ha’s Ex-boyfriend (supporting role).

Love in Black Hole Ep5 (2021) K-drama Release Date, Cast, Watch Online

Love In Black Hole Ep5 Release Date

Till now the show has aired a total of 2 episodes, which led to 10 more to air. The upcoming episode Love in black hole episode 5 will air on 24 September 2021. Further, It will air at 02:30 Pm according to Korean standard time.

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Love in Black Hole Ep5 Watch online

This is a new series. It airs every Friday and Sunday. The original run of this series is presented by Tencent videos. However, do, not worry the viewers can easily catch it on Viki. Although it requires a subscription. So, if you want to watch this series you better subscribe.

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