What Is America’s New Covid Rules For International Travel, All Updates

What Is America's New Covid Rules For International Travel, All Updates

The pandemic has changed the lives of many. It has put a ban on travel. But, America has come up with new rules for international travel. So, What Are America’s New Covid Rules For International Travel?

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The New Travel Policy

According to the new travel policy, all adult travelers are to be fully vaccinated before boarding their flights. Initially, they were asked to carry a covid negative certificate 72 hours before the departure. But, currently, passengers also need to be fully vaccinated. After the vaccination is done right, then travelers from the United Kingdom. European Union, China, India, Iran, Republic Of Ireland will be allowed to enter the US.

The Impact Of This Policy

According to this policy, the Americans will have to only show their covid negative certificate within 72 hours. Yet, they will be subject to various testing and contact tracing protocols. It is very evident that the testing would be strong and serious.

The Effect Of The Policy On Children

The new policy says that people need to be fully vaccinated to travel to the US. The White House has not mentioned if the children will have another testing protocol or not. The vaccines for kids are still in the making, therefore, the protocols for kids are not mentioned.

What Is America's New Covid Rules For International Travel, All Updates

The Approved Vaccines

The policy wants travelers to the US to have a vaccination certificate. According to them, all the vaccines approved by the WHO will be let into consideration. Now, these include Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. Further, these vaccines are used in the US. Other vaccines that are approved by the WHO will also be used which include AstraZeneca and Sinovac. The Russian Sputnik is not yet approved by WHO but is under consideration.

The Travel Policy For Land Travels

The White House currently has restrictions on crossing land borders. Those restrictions are to remain the same. This clearly means that people can travel through flights in these places but can’t make the journey by car. This is all about the new travel policy put forth by America.

With the effects of Covid 19 slowly coming down, everything is getting back to normalcy. Therefore, we can see that quite a few places have lifted their travel bans. With this new policy adopted by the government, we might face severe testings and protocols.

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