One piece episode 994 Release Date, Spoiler, and Where Watch Online

One Piece Episode 994 Release date spoiler and where watch

One Piece is one of the most eagerly anticipated anime franchises in recent memory. The series has gotten a lot of positive responses. It is about to premiere a new episode. This page contains spoilers, the release date and time for Episode 994, as well as a recap of Episode 993. “Explosives?! The Handcuff that Shackles Yamato’s Freedom!” is the title of One Piece episode 994. This is going to be a fascinating episode. Luffy and his gang will raid and invade Onigashima in this episode. The pirates will engage in a massive battle. As a result, there will be a lot of action. When Luffy learns that Yamato is a female rather than a guy, he will have a major epiphany.

Recap of the last episode

Before discussing the spoilers of One Piece Episode 994 let’s talk about what happened in episode 993. When Dogstorm questioned Kanjuro about why he gave Orochi momonosuke, Kanjuro explained. Kurozumi had been through a lot worse, he said. Then there was a massive brawl. All of Kanjuro’s troops were killed by Kamatsu’s Kappa Style: Yorikiri. Raizo, on the other side, utilised the Flower Shuriken. Viper was taken aback when he saw Dogstorm’s leg afterwards. He said that it was due to his two-sword fighting method. Meanwhile, Big Mom and her henchman launched an assault on Nami’s posse.

One Piece Episode 994 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 994 Release date spoiler and where watch

Big Mom’s team is shocked by Nami’s usage of Thunderbreed Tempo. Big Mom kidnapped Zeus, and Yamato begins to tell Luffy her storey. Because of the cuffs, Yamato informed Luffy that she was not free. Luffy stated that he would remove the shackles.

One Piece Episode 994 Release Date

994th episode of One Piece will release on 3 October 2021. Since it is a Sunday we can watch the episode as soon as it releases without having to wait for a break or anything. So, clear your schedules because this episode is going to be one of the best we have ever seen. In this episode, Nami will use Thunderbreed Tempo so that she can shock Big Mom’s crew. Here you can watch the preview of the upcoming episode to find out what can happen in the next episode.

Where To Watch The Latest Episodes.

If you live in Japan you can watch the show at 9.30 am in the morning on Funimation and Crunchyroll. But if you live in some other country then you have to calculate the time zone difference between your country and Japan to find out the right time you can watch the episode. As of now, the episode will be available to watch in the Japanese language but if you want to watch it in English then you will have to wait for a week. Otherwise, you can watch the show using English subtitles without having to wait. Tell us in the comment section what do you think will happen in the upcoming One Piece Episode 994.

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