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Stephen King Series ‘The Mist’ Leaving Netflix in October 2021

Stephen King Series ‘The Mist’ Leaving Netflix in October 2021

Do you know that Stephen King’s Series ‘The Mist’ is soon going to leave the platform of Netflix! Know everything about the show and its reason for departure here.

As we all know today Netflix is one of the top streaming OTT platforms worldwide, but recently the news of the removal of the famous ‘The Mist ‘ has created a huge buzz among all. Let’s get every bit of information we can get about it.

When is ‘The Mist ‘ leaving Netflix?

So yes the official date of removal of Stephen King’s Series ‘The Mist’ is 24th October 2021. That means one can only watch the series till 23rd October. It’s been a major heartbreak for the fans of Stephen King’s novella.

Why is Netflix removing?

Well, there’s no particular reason for doing so. But this is happening as a result of the following reasons :

  • The series went as an Orthodox 
  • Not many reviews on it particular
  • Got diluted away because of huge competition

And finally, the biggest reason is making slots for new. Netflix often does this cleanup thing to make things sorted. That may be one of the reasons too.

Stephen King Series ‘The Mist’ Leaving Netflix in October 2021

About the Series!

Well, ‘The Mist ‘ is a sci-fi series with an impactful story. It’s about a village with a mysterious mist coming to it. And every time it brings some monsters with it too. It’s all about the journey against them to survive. It has its separate fan base altogether. However it will be removed by October, so for those who have missed it, don’t wait for more.

The Journey of Mist :

Well, the Mist has been there for a long time on Netflix. It has been a relationship of 4 years between the two. ‘The Mist ‘ got on Netflix on 24th October 2017 . Now on 24th October 2021 , after a 4 years long journey, they’re gonna have different paths from there.

Also, this must be noted that this removal is right now only occurring in Netflix United States. Any other region is not going to be affected as of now.

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