Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

Are you an anime lover? And, someone who likes watching dark animes more than the lighthearted ones? Then, you are at the right spot. We have got you covered with more details about the dark animes. And, we have made you a dark anime compilation for the year 2021. 

“Dark” is a very psychological one. You can expect violence, thriller, horror, and spooky things on your plate. Let me warn you already. At times these come up with a 12+ rating and at times it is 18+. The horror is heavy at times, so it is never suited for a lighthearted soul. Also, filled with vivid dark colors, dark animes are always something one can run into. Are you someone who likes more complex and different plots than the regular ones? Here you go fan, we have the top 10 dark animes that you must watch this 2021. Here we go starting with the number 10 and way down to the best one.

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#10 Dark Anime 2021 – Monster 

A thriller anime with dark scenes that can send chill waves down your spine. With a very criminal and dark plot comes the tale of Monster. Is that too much? Nah, that isn’t for the dark anime lovers. Monster is all about the life of a small boy named Johan Liebert. There is a super interesting killer story behind Johan. His family history is very terrifying. He killed his foster parents and killed his family relatives also. And, Johan was shot with a bullet on his head by his sister.

The Interesting Plot

And, Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a very well-known and famous neurosurgeon. Also, Kenzou is facing a very bad situation and at that time he gets a call that wants him to be there to do surgery. Also, the surgery is to be performed on a well-known actor in his brain. And, the doctor has no other choice other than to perform the surgery. This immediate surgery saved the actor’s life. But, that poor innocent guy died. From thence, the doctor took a vow to himself to make sure that he will never let someone die like this. To a determined Dr. Kenzou came a similar situation.


He falls into the dilemma to chose between two people. One is the Town’s mayor and the other is Johan Liebert. And, the doctor, not wanting an innocent soul to die, took the wrong decision. He chose to save the life of Johan Liebert as he seemed to be more innocent. The next day the doctor understands that a lot of doctors and other people were found dead. The reason was a mystery to them. But, we do know the culprit, don’t we? The innocent boy that the doctor saved, turned out to be the killer. And, he has no other goal other than killing people who annoy him.

Genre: Crime Novel, Psychological Thriller, Mystery

If you found the plot to be interesting, take a look at this dark anime online on YouTube.

#9 Dark Anime 2021 – Cowboy Bepop

This is another thriller that is sure to take your mind off. Moreover, with such a dark plot, this has to take its place in the dark anime compilation 2021. Also, the story is about the Bounty Hunters. And, they are on the mission to end the evil. And, all the action happens in space. Also, the adventures and the problems faced by them form the basis of the entire story. Moreover, just like every other person, they have their pasts.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

And, dealing with their pasts and the problems that are to come forms the crux of the story. This plot is amazing and is sure to keep you teeth-gripped.

Genre: Anime, Science Fiction, Action Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Adventure-Action, Space Opera, Western

If the plot interests you, check them out on Hulu.

#8 Vinland Saga

This is the tale of Thorfinn who wants to enter the Vinland. And, you need to know that Vinland is a place otherwise called paradise. There is so much action that involves. Also, Thorfinn is the son of the Viking Commander. Moreover, his journey towards entry into the land of Vinland is not a bed of roses. There is so much that happens out there.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Epic, Action Fiction

You can also watch Vinland Saga on Prime Video.

#7 Tokyo Ghoul

The Tokyo Ghoul is one among the Dark Anime compilation 2021. Moreover, this is a very stimulating anime. This is very dark and is thrilling. Thrilling to the spine, I’d say! The tale is about the life of Ken Keneki. And, here is what you need to know. Ken turns into a Ghoul and we don’t know-how. That happens due to an ominous accident. Also, the adventures and thrills that follow is the story of the anime. And, that is what makes it a spine-chiller.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

Moreover, you also need to know that this anime is still happening. And, as this is one ongoing anime, you can expect new episodes coming up. More interesting, isn’t it? Keep an eye for the latest updates so that you will not miss out on your favorite anime.

Genre: Manga, Anime, Thriller

If the plot interests you, check them out on Hulu.

#6 Devilman Crybaby

Now, this is very interesting. You must watch this if you are someone who likes watching something dark with humans on the plate. Here is the devilman crybaby. This is the tale of humans possessed by demons. And, there are very spooky and thrilling adventures that happen there.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

You must be already aware that you can expect very hard and dark scenes out there. So, beware that you make yourself strong. The plot and the script are super thrilling and that gives you cold shivers.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Anime, Action Fiction

Netflix is the heaven to watch Devilman Crybaby. Have fun!

#5 Dark Anime 2021 – Death Note 

Another amazing psychological thriller with a dash of supernatural essence is the main element of this spooky story. This is very dark and that is why it is in place 5. Moreover, the tale goes around the life of Light Yagami. And, he accidentally steps on a book that has the potential to kill anybody. The only thing that it asks for is the name and the face of the person. With that being known, the book can execute anybody. You must by now know why is this one among the dark anime compilation 2021.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

That superpower is right now in the hands of Yagami who uses it for the right things. Light kills a lot of criminals and murderers with the powers of that book. But, with mysterious killing taking place all over the town, there is so much that brings thrill to the scenes. Police take the place and there are new elements that crawl in the way.

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Thriller

Netflix is the platform! And, you can also watch Death Note on Crunchyroll also!

#4 Baccano

This is another dark anime. But, this anime tells us that demons can be good also. This anime sparks up interesting things when a group of alchemists comes up to bring in one demon. And, the demon gives them the elixir that would help people become immortals. Also, there is a formula that can be used to kill immortals. This ended up being one good help but things turned worse when the reason change. Moreover, that caused mass murders and other killings on space. Yes, this makes it dark, very dark!

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top  That You Should Watch This 2021

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Adventure Thriller

You can watch Baccano on Netflix, Funimation, and Hulu.

#3 Dark Anime 2021 – Attack On Titans

You got this already, right? This is very popular and I am pretty sure you must be already aware of this. The story is about the village of Aren.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021The village was completely made wrong by the giants. Here, the giants are not the only villains.  Humans are also a part of it. In the village, the humans feed on other ones who are miserable and weak. So, they form the antagonists, don’t they?

Genre: Dark, Action Fiction, Apocalyptic And Post-apocalyptic Fiction, Dark Fantasy 

This is very popular and you can find this is anime on a lot of platforms. Click onto anyone that you like, and voila, there you have the best dark anime. Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime.

#2 Kengan Ashura

The story is about the life of Tokita Ohma. He is employed by Nogi group. And, the only aim of him being there is to devour the opponents. Moreover, there is a huge fight for the Kengan Association Chairman.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

Genre: Martial Arts

You can watch Kengan Ashura on Netflix.

#1 Berserk 

Here is the topper. Berserk takes rank 1. And, the story of this anime is about a wandering mercenary. Also, this mercenary goes by the name Guts. And, he is a part of a bank of the Hak. Moreover, Guts is one among the God Hand. This is a very good anime and is really dark.

Dark Anime Compilation 2021 | The Top 10 Dark Anime That You Should Watch This 2021

Also, the reason for this anime topping the list is not only the dark plot but also the animations. That plays a very interesting role in making this anime one of the very amazing and dark thrillers of all. Moreover, the anime has a lot of unbelievable scenes and animations. Dark, sure!

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sword And Sorcery, High Fantasy

You can watch this on Crunchyroll. And, this is really a very dark one that I recommend you watch!

This brings the Top 10 Dark Anime Compilation 2021 list to the end. We also do have other content out there. Give them a read!

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